PS3 Sells Less, Comes out the Winner

PlayStation LifeStyle writes:

"The real winner here is Sony, who has driven more revenue, while selling 100,000 less consoles than its closest competitor. Profit on the other hand, is a different story, since Sony is still losing money per console sold. Sony has already lowered some of the manufacturing costs with more changes in the pipeline. Once they lower the price, there is no stopping the PlayStation 3."

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prabx3342d ago

Makes the silly fanboys eat their own words right?

mint royale3342d ago (Edited 3342d ago )

The silly fanboys should eat their own words but IMO this article doesn't show me why! As I posted below Sony did well this quarter to keep with MS but the winner is still nintendo.

pixelsword3342d ago (Edited 3342d ago )

a less than 100,000 difference despite having

- a heftier price tag

- "no games"

- "broken ports"

- and "no commercials"

means that the PS3 is in fact gaining momentum off of their 1st and 2nd party lineup; which means that there hasn't been a port as of yet that made a difference to the consumer enough to stop the PS3's progress.

Also, it shows that the spin from gaming magazines are next to useless and that the hardcore are in the minority; which is why G4 shows cops on television and why the Wii is dominant.

Sev3342d ago

@ Mint Royale,

Nobody is arguing that the Nintendo Wii is trampling all other consoles.

It's not even a point bringing up anymore. Wii is in first by far. The only real "console war" now is 360 vs PS3.

lociefer3342d ago

but i guess some just like to cover theyr eyes and believe wut they want (bots)

Natsu X FairyTail3342d ago

worst damage control article ever , hands down

Gamertags3342d ago

You can try to twist this all you want too but the truth is, Sony is still last. Last in sales and in revenue. How on earth is this supposed to make 360 fanboys eat their words?

Some of you are beginning to sound pretty desperate. Trying to justify your purchase?

StanLatMarveldotCom3342d ago (Edited 3342d ago )

The article doesn't make any sense and is fanboy spin at it's best. Sony did not generate more revenue; they sold less hardware and software than any other console manufacturer during the quarter. Microsoft generated twice as much revenue from software sales and royalties, XBox Live subscriptions which actually rose during the quarter and digital distribution of XBox Live Arcade titles. The article uses basic math as supposition, not fact and hardware sales isn't revenue generating for any of the console companies other than Nintendo. Revenue is generated through the avenues I mention above. Glad to see Sony fanboys lack basic common sense.

mint royale3342d ago

it is clear they have absolutely no idea what they are on about. The ps3 wins because it nearly outsold the 360 and gained more revenue?

You need to consider actual sales and profits (NOT revenues) to determine the success of a product. I agree the ps3 did very well this quarter but financially it still has a long way to go to compete. I would not consider a console that has completely wiped out the profits of the ps2 and ps1 to be a success. Not a financial one anyway. In fact only Nintendo's model is a successful business one.

TheAntiFanboy3342d ago

While I'm happy for Sony for their success, I don't get how revenue commands victory. I really don't.

Syronicus3342d ago

There is no damage control going on but rather a schooling for the Xbox fanboys that seem to jump on false articles full of FUD. The Xbox fanboys seem to neglect the facts and instead claim a win when the race is starting and nowhere near complete. The PS3 is in fact competing with the 360 and doing well, nearly neck and neck and yet the 360 fanboys seem to find reasons to cry fail. The only fail is in fanboyism, try being less of a fanboy and more of a fan of gaming.

Mr_Bun3342d ago

I can't wait for September so that people like Natsu and Gamertags will be back in school.

Once Upon a Fable3342d ago

I find it funny that the only websites that can ever seem to say something positive about PS3 is or, etc.

So PS3 sells less but it's still the winner? Impressive. Only PS3 could do something like that.

ShabzS3342d ago (Edited 3342d ago )

as it stands now the order is nintendo, microsoft and sony... get over it... they can only get bigger and better from here... embrace all the 3 you haters

green3342d ago (Edited 3342d ago )

As they say "Denial is not the name of a river in Egypt".

Rainne3342d ago

Why does it matters so much? Why is it so hard to give Micro some credit and face the facts that Sony is behind? People are crazy no wonder we have so much BS in the world today.

skagrerrrr3342d ago

desperate measures spun by desperate fanboys

JBaby3433342d ago (Edited 3342d ago )

With the games Sony has/will put out and a growing community I think it's clear who is winning. Or do we play sales and figures now.

pumpkinpunker3342d ago (Edited 3342d ago )

PS3 sells less, games division loses tons of money, but comes out winner in feat of epic fanboy website spin!


360 sells more consoles and turns a profit but comes out loser because that's what Sony wanted to happen all along!

PS. Shipped does not equal sold. MS could have had a ton of 360s already in the pipeline and didn't need to ship as many and the same goes for Sony.

ultimolu3342d ago

Hey Rainne, how hard is it to give Sony some credit as well? All I keep hearing is that they're in third, they're last, blah,blah, blah. And yet no one gives Sony credit for doing things *right* this generation.

Whatever man. I hope that one day Sony gets the recognition it deserves.

All-33342d ago

But what's to stop Microsoft from lowering the price of the 360s?

... and it wasn't all that long ago when many on this site posted that Sony didn't need any price drop for its PS3s.

Domenikos3342d ago

a less than 100,000 difference despite having

- a heftier price tag

- "no games"

- "broken ports"

- and "no commercials"

Bubbles for u

Kilroy3342d ago

I have no clue where you guys keep getting the idea that you sold only 100,000 less than microsoft. In quarter one 2009 you sold about 400,000 less than microsoft. Microsoft sold 1.2 million. SONY ONLY SOLD .8 million. As a result this shows how far behind sony id. I don't know where this lie came from, but there is no way on earth sony won the first quarter of 2009. If you don't believe me check out these sources.

I'm for sony as a matter of fact I own a ps3 and 360, but I'm not stupid enough to think sony is winning. Check the facts people sony can't lower the price as they will lose even more money.

Also last time I checked selling less and making less doesn't mean that you're catching up or doing better. hmmm.

Rampant3342d ago

I know the other guy won the race, but hey, at the 20th lap i ran almost as fast as him!

GameGambits3342d ago

This just in! Smoking meth then writing up articles to post on the net hazardous on many levels.

That is all.

bnaked3341d ago (Edited 3341d ago )

PS3 will outsell all other consoles at christmas.. GT5 bundle / Uncharted 1&2 bundle / Killzone 2 & MGS4 bundle / LBP, MAG, etc..

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Stryfeno23342d ago (Edited 3342d ago )

"The real winner here is Microsoft, who has driven more revenue, while selling 100,000 more consoles than it's closest competitor. Profit has been a good story, Microsoft is still making money per console sold even though they were notorious with RROD. Microsoft has lowered some of the manufacturing costs with more changes in the pipeline (smaller/Natal 360). Once they lower the price again, there is no stopping the Xbox 360."

OmarJA3342d ago

Patchy boy is having a hard time believing the fact that the PS3 is double the price yet it selling well & the 3FixMe is is not selling much better considering it's most cheapest console this gen in both price & quality , soon M$ will give it away for free with each McDonald meal...

Cry me a river...

Mo0eY3342d ago

I'll take a spin:

Sony has released way more exclusives this year than Microsoft has. Xbots are dazed and confused as they have no games to play when they turn on their consoles. Sony, however, with its higher price tag is clearly catching up to its main competitor. Once Sony drops its price tag, Xbots will run out of excuses, and I will laugh. Hard.

360 man3342d ago

the problem is.

sony's console costs alot more to manufacture than Microsoft's console

talltony3342d ago (Edited 3342d ago )

i wonder why it costs more to manufacture than the 360?

tha_meat_beater3342d ago

a piece of sh1t cost nothing to manufacture. M$ just pulled the 360 out of their azz and hoped for the best!

user39158003342d ago

Wow, what does a sony pecker do to twist its fate from a company that its asking Japan support to maintain the gaming division before they go bankrupt.

Sony lost revenues in the gaming division of 2.7 billion and wii although the hardware sales slump to 68% they had a positive return, and MS just whoop both off them with 112 million in profits from the gaming division.

How in the hell do PS3 came on top by simply imagining that sony executives and fandroids suck on a unicorns horn every night.

Dumb article, but PS3 fandroids are even worst.

El Botto3342d ago

PS3 has been in downtrend for 2 years as I said, but they have bottomed. They are about to go up from here.

360 has been in uptrend for 3 years. But they are about to go down. Yes, 30 million is uptrend. Unfortunately for the bots, thats as far as you go. In uptrend and still only 30 million consoles solds? Lmao now imagine if the console is in downtrend...yes my stupid xbots, sales of the 360 wont be pretty.

36T3342d ago (Edited 3342d ago ) Written by Anthony Severino!

"How is it that with a price as low as $199 the Xbox 360 only managed to outsell the $399 PS3 by a mere 100,000 consoles?"

One question. How many people do you know that bought an arcade version? I don't know of anybody but that might also have to do with not hanging around 10 year olds. I love it when PS fanboys use the Arcade version excuse.

"Once they lower the price, there is no stopping the PlayStation 3"

Now that is something i can't wait to see. What happens if Microsoft lowers the price of the 60g Pro version to let's say $200-$250 and bundles it with Forza 3, MW2 or any other AAA game? Once again, the 360 will be the cheapest HD console on the market and the PS3 will still be the most expensive.

Who knows what's going to happen but if you would like we can always make some kind of bet. What about it Anthony?

** OmarJA and Mooey are sooooooo lost, it's embarassing! You guys should seriously ask PSLS for a job. They would love you.

36T3342d ago

Congratulations! You won the prize for one of the stupidest comments i have read on N4G and thats saying a lot.

If i understand correctly, what you're saying is that a system with major hardware issues (RROD/E74) is/was in "uptrend" and with all the updates, features and Natal on the way, they are somehow gonna end up in a "downtrend"??

Man_of_the_year3342d ago (Edited 3342d ago )

I gotta tell ya this is a p1ss poor spin.

1. Admits that MS and SONY have multiple SKU's, but then assumes that the arcade SKU is the only SKU sold that gave the 360 the 100,000 more units sold. No facts given, no numbers or statistics, even though an interview with Torance and Greenberg, Greenberg says that the PRO is the top selling SKU.

2. The article also assumes that because the PS3's most expensive SKU is the only SKU that is selling even though the ELITE SKU is close to the Lowest priced PS3 SKU. So he can assume that its the most expensive PS3 SKU selling but the most expensive 360 SKU is not selling? So people have the money to buy the cheapest PS3 SKU but not have the same money to by the most expensive 360 SKU...sorry but that argument is complete nonsense.

This article is absolutely damage control full of fanboy spin. Anyone who doesn't clearly see this has been completely brainwashed and is not smart enough to see through the fanboy goggles.

@Mooey - I wouldn't be suprised if it was you that wrote this has ignorance written all throughout it.

JonnyBadfinger3342d ago

Im not gunna both debating this, purely because of the source of this article. well i guess in a few hours there will be a article 'Xbox 360 takes the crown again' from

so i guess that will balance out the universe.

Reading this article still doesnt make me want to buy a PS3, show me a article that would make every 360 gamer want a PS3. So until then 360 is still the King

KILL-ALL-CURE3342d ago

Lets see, all anyone needs is a Good Gaming PC for all of microsofts games, and a ps3, for its exclusives. If i want a really good online system, i have steam and xfire on my computer, if i want good graphics and games, i have a ps3.

zag3341d ago

Ah, Sony said last year that the PS3 has been making money since Jan last year which is the main reason why, everyone wants a price cut from Sony.

MS probably isn't making any money at all from the 360 on any platform, as it's been cut and cut too many times to make any cash, and then you have what 3 to 6 different priced 360s.

Where as there's only 1 PS3 it's only the HDD that's different.

I would think Sony will probably drop the prcie in sept 09 a few months before Xmas and the release of the Slim will be out around then as well.

Alas though, the people who are buying the Ps3 have the cash to buy the games for it, not kids who have to beg the parents to buy games etc for them.

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mint royale3342d ago (Edited 3342d ago )

'sold' and 'shipped' are easily transferable when they infer completely different things. In reality sony shipped 100K less than MS shipped.

Anyway, although it seems strange to say, I agree that Sony 'beat' MS this quarter despite being outsold. Although I'm still most impressed with the wii, the ps3 has surprised me and is doing very well in holding its own without a price cut.

However I must say that to keep this close would be more impressive during busier quarters (sales naturally bunch up in summer).

Looking at launches aligned too this only the second quarter that the 360 outsold the ps3 and the 360 recieved the price cut nxt quarter so sony still has ALOT to do.

And finally i'm not sure the ps3 can be determined a winner when it was outsold by its older brother, hardware that is 10 years old!

However this for keeping with the 360 this quarter i've gotta say congrats. The winner? No that is still nintendo by far.

@below - but then you'd just be spitting out random accusations with no proof or evidence. Hey, fancy becoming an analyist?

As for the ps2, do you really think in 2005 Sony or anyone predicted the ps2 would be outselling the ps3 in 2009? Its outslling the 360 too, so its not a weak argument in fact it is very telling of the demand for HD products compared to their competitors at the moment. Don't worry I'm not Sony bashing or anything I'm just telling it how I see it.

3342d ago
KingME3342d ago

That's got to be in the top ten of the most rediculous spins I have ever seen put on anything. This guys is saying that the PS3 cost more per unit and this is why they are winners, yet the most repeated statement out there from sony and it's fanboys is that the 360 is more expensive.

With that being said and using this guys own analogies, the 360 is doing even better than though before his article.

Such a silly article, and if any of you need this spun up crap to make you feel better, you are in pretty bad shape.

Altourus3342d ago

I would be very interested to see how many of those X Boxes were actually replacement machines for boxes that were under warranty and RROD'd

Recumbent Tan3342d ago

Haven't you heard? The Wii doesn't count.

Or as it is more fondly known...the Gamecube 1.5.

Arsenic133342d ago

The Wii is still winning, its just in a league of its own since its more last gen than it is current.

Johnny Rotten3342d ago

On N4G it's a battle for 2nd place.

mint royale3342d ago

Generation is determined by release date not by graphical power. You really think if the wii sold similarly to its competitiors it would be left out? Its just convenient for it to be left out because arguments for dominance on both sides would be rendered meaningless. Sorry but thats just the way it is.

DARK WITNESS3342d ago (Edited 3342d ago )

well, not really.. the Wii does not count until sales are brought up. Then suddenly its the no 1 and beating everything. whenever any other comparison is made, the Wii does not count ( how convenient )

Sev3342d ago

Like I said above. The Wii isn't worth mentioning. It's in a league of it's own.

It's way too obvious that the Wii is winning. This article is talking about the current "console war" between 360 and PS3 which is still very heated.

The Wii isn't even in the "console war" any longer. As it doesn't even need to "fight"

pixelsword3342d ago

for a lot of "core" gamers, It's not being counted as a true "next gen" console for some reason. I guess it's because of it's lack of power; just like the Nintendo DS and PSP aren't also counted as consoles.

I don't really know, all I know is that it shouldn't be leading when there's a $199 360 on the market.

TheCagyDies3342d ago (Edited 3342d ago )

The Nintendo DS and PSP are not consider consoles because they are handhelds... and a PC is not consider a console even though it's the most powerful platform when upgraded all the way...

Yeah Pixel, I'm getting the same perception as well...

pixelsword3342d ago

I'm just pointing out that a lot of core gamers don't consider the Wii a competitor this gen; not that I agree, but that's the perception I've been reading.

TheCagyDies3342d ago (Edited 3342d ago )

As for the whole debate of whether the Wii is a competitor in the "Console War"
There is still a "hardcore" side to Nintendo with games like Fatal Frame IV, Cursed Mountain, Other M, Galaxy 2, Calling. But I guess I can understand you if you don't consider the Wii part of the current console race because of the console's power. But I don't agree with people saying that the Wii is not in the "Console War" because of the margin in LTD sales between second and first place. This is just my personal opinion and view, I always consider the Gamecube, PS2, and Xbox 1 to be in "Console War" by LTD sales even though the PS2 led them by millions. Just a personal view.

But there is the fact that we now got Microsoft pushing out Natal and Sony pushing out the wand, I guess we call that the "Motion War", I think...

In the end, it's just one's opinion...

Mo0eY3342d ago (Edited 3342d ago )

Hmmm, could it be the wifi or maybe the blu-ray? Perhaps the cell? I wonder...

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Arsenic133342d ago

Sure the stats are real. Good for Sony, but that site has be fanboy owned. Look how they praise the PS3 on nearly every line. Its creepy.

A price cut would be great considering im about to buy an 80gb tomorrow.

pixelsword3342d ago (Edited 3342d ago )

instead of undermining the facts, like Edge and Eurogamer tends to do.

Sev3342d ago

@ Arsenic,

Actually PlayStation LifeStyle isn't fanboy run. In fact, just yesterday I opened

I just don't have a staff, design, or direction yet.

poopsack3342d ago

u reopened it? thats cool.

v1c1ous3342d ago

oh you reopened xboxlifestyle?

how nice, now i am 100% sure you did not a pre-existing bias when you only had playstationlifestyle open.

you are now as fair and balanced as hiphopgamer! kudos!

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