Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2: 40 new screens with tons of superheros has 40 new screenshots of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 full of action, effects and superheroes like Hulk, Wolverine, Human Torch, Spider-man, Ironman, Venom, Mr. Fantastic, Gambit, Deadpool and many more.

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KionicWarlord2223301d ago

I still cant tell if the graphics got much better then the first. But if the game plays like the first it should be pretty good .

The cutscenes were always good .

MegaMohsi3301d ago

Graphics look a lot better but I'm not sure if that's because the screens are bullshots or they actually improved the graphics this much.

KionicWarlord2223301d ago least you can tell. I haven't played it in awhile .

I think the best characters in the first one were doom and magneto .

MegaMohsi3301d ago

Hopefully Deadpool is a lot better in this one, he's my favorite next to Spider-Man

KionicWarlord2223301d ago


Deapool is very humorous . I like how he and use his special ability to jump forward in the first one .

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Dead_Cell3301d ago

Venom looks terrible IMO.