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Selyah3343d ago

That's cool to hear, been slightly anticipating this myself.

Myst3342d ago

Deciding if I'd rather rent this game or actually make it a full blown purchase. Since my only other games I'll be getting for the rest of this year will be Dissidia and Demon's Souls. Tough choices...

ShawnCollier3342d ago

Nice to see some games coming out this year instead of getting delayed.

Game seems like it'll be fun. :)

Selyah3342d ago

Indeed, still theres quite a few to look forward to none the less.

mephman3342d ago

This fall is going to be crazy.

mephman3342d ago

Yea, it's not so bad. I don't think it's going to blow many people away though.

umair_s513342d ago

Looks interesting to me. It's one those games that you'd wait till reviews come in.

GiantEnemyCrab3342d ago

This game was off my radar until I saw some recent gameplay. When she goes into Rage mode and it goes into red and black and it's all stylish, looks very cool. If you can pull off half the moves they did in the video while still remaining fluid I might be buying.

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The story is too old to be commented.