Unboxed – Sony PSP Go

The worst kept secret of E3 2009, Sony's PSP Go, is preparing itself for a European launch on October 1st, but it took time out from its busy schedule to visit Stuff towers today so Stuff could tickle its D-pad and compare it to the PSP-3000.

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cyborg69713222d ago

Looks tight. Papa likey.

2Spock3222d ago

I kinda wished i hadn't bought my PSP 3000 a couple of months ago now. As long as i can play the games is all that matters.

Cwalat3222d ago

Congrats... You have the best avatar in all of N4G!

Kudos for making me smile!

Hideous Kojima3222d ago

What an effin ugly console. Ewww

MTEC83222d ago

Deff not getting this, i'll stick with my PSP-1000.

Saaking3222d ago

It's too expensive. I want one but if only it was priced at LEAST $199 I'd get it. I can buy a wii or 360 for 250.

umair_s513222d ago

It may seem expensive, but it provides decent value. If you buy a PSP3000 + 16 GB memory stick, its going to cost you, roughly speaking, $170 + $ 70 = $240; Its not exactly bad value. But your kinda right, the PSP 3000 itself is overpriced, the GO should be priced at $200.

Saaking3222d ago

I can see it your way and I agree. I might buy it if I can save enough money. At least I've still got plenty of time before it comes out.

Marceles3222d ago

I'm buying one just because I'm a gadget freak and it might include features not on the PSP-1000, but I'll probably still play my PSP-1000 more.

PStu'rd3222d ago

Is this scam still banned in france??

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