Shatter Breaks the PSN Downloads Chart

PlayStation LifeStyle writes:

"Fortunately, the developers at Sidhe are proud to announce that their game was the second most downloaded title on the PlayStation Store, only behind the groundbreaking PSN FPS Battlefield 1943. For a brick-breaking title to trail right behind a popular first-person shooter series outing, it really goes to show that innovative and unique PSN titles like Shatter are a welcome addition to the PlayStation Network."

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DoucheVader3276d ago

It's good to see some other peeps with good DL game taste!

Sev3276d ago

Shatter developer Sidhe has pretty good taste too, considering they mentioned us on their twitter....

gaffyh3276d ago

This is a really great game, I'm glad that Sidhe are having success with the title.

InfectedDK3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )


talltony3276d ago

boss rush mode trophy and beating it in one sitting without continuing trophy is almost impossible!

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Godmars2903276d ago

You could say Shatter "shattered" PSN sales charts...

Godmars2903276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

As I've just proven :p

Actually if you want to do it right, imagine it that being said CSI Miami style.

"You could even say that Shatter, 'shattered' the charts."

*puts on glass, walks away as some guy screams*

Sev3276d ago

If you read our review, or any of our Shatter coverage, you will have seen we kind of over used the whole "shattering" "shattered" "shatter" thing.

THE BIAS3276d ago

And like pennywise said sev, not everyone is witty

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Serjikal_Strike3276d ago

but has anyone got the beat BOSS mode in under 10 minutes trophy?

the best i can do is 14-15 minutes..arrrgh

Sev3276d ago

I've gotten 10 mins 35 seconds. Although I know I can get it in under 10, I just need to keep trying. It definitely takes a bit of luck.

Here is a trophy guide I wrote for Shatter, which includes a strategy for the Boss Rush Mode trophy....


PirateThom3276d ago

You know why?


It's perfectly priced for a download title, but doesn't feel cheap or like some kind of retro port.

Pennywise3276d ago

Do I have to buy another game? What is this one comparable to?

Sev3276d ago

There really isn't anything to compare it to.

It's a brick breaking arkanoid style game but with kick-ass music, unique twists to the gameplay, and killer bosses. intense heart pounding action.

You should read our full review.

Ju3276d ago

Thanks. Why do I feel the urge to get home and buy this now ?

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Sir Ken_Kutaragi3276d ago

+ the week before that i got off the Japanese PSN Store 'Arkanoid Returns' ;-P
Both worth every Penny(or Yen!!!) ;-D

+ I was wondering???...
Do the online scores/stats reset like the 'Halo Wars' ones do after a time??? ;-D

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