Sony: Gaming Revenues too Difficult to Compare

Sony's recent call for overseas investors saw the company's management pressed hard on its recent first quarter figures. One line of inquisition came from Ben Williams - an Investment Manager at investment advisory firm GAM's Pacific/Japan's team.

Williams asked for a breakdown of the new Network Products and Services Division headed by Kaz Hirai, which now holds the fortunes of the old Game Division.

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Natsu X FairyTail3271d ago

lmao thats clearly hiding the truth there.

Gamertags3271d ago

At times I feel my PS3 was a bad investment. It makes a nice blu ray player though.

Natsu X FairyTail3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

theres good games games coming out soon though! you might find something that will suit you! (uncharted2)


this might make you feel better


poopsack3271d ago

gamertags, maybe uve been buying the wrong games if u feel that way.

Gamertags3271d ago

and that is it. Mostly 1st party games as multiplatforms are better on the 360 so I get them for that system. There just isn't enough good software or services to justify the price.

FlipMode3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

which multiplats?

and whats the difference?

edit: your saying live makes these multiplats better?

and btw it seems the reviews are better for ps3 this year on multiplats

it seem developers are getting used to it its not a night and day difference anymore

Gamertags3271d ago

It is commonly known that all games released on both systems are better on the 360. Not only graphically but in considerations to the online functions.

Silly gameAr3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

The only one feeling pretty good right now is you. I've seen you in every Sony article and it's pretty obvious you're not a fan. What's the deal?

Sony got you scared or something? You can act like It's all doom and gloom, but that won't make it true. Think about that.

In fact, I don't think anyone is sweating these articles. With all of the games out and coming out in the next 2 years, I think you guys are the ones who are really losing.

It's good to have the best of both worlds. I think it makes you less crazy....sometimes.

And that brings me to gamertags, you're talking out of your [email protected]@. Commonly known? To fanboys maybe, but I live in the now, not 2006. I think multiplats for the PS3 is more than capable of matching of even surpassing the 360. It's up to the developer.

Looking at the exclusives, and what can be done on the PS3, I think everyone knows it's true. I like the Xbox or I wouldn't have bought one, but honestly I buy more games and play more on my PS3. It's just my preference. 360 is yours. That's cool. I don't have to downplay another console or the owner to make myself feel better about my PS3, 360, or Wii.

I just play games, not wish ill on a company because I WORSHIP the competing company. That's all gamers do today, and It's getting pretty f'ing sad.

gambare3271d ago

eh? he's saying he can't put in the same quotes the PC, gaming and portable income in the same report because each one is a different income data even if they are similar in the terms of electronic device manufacture. the headline don't really make sense.

and the break the investors are asking is like.... in simple terms, when someone ask for a disclosure of the restaurant note in how much did they spent, taxes, tips and you ask about the disclose of the menu ingredients of different the foods you ate, it's a little difficult for restaurants to do that, now imagine doing that with huge amounts of data and specs.

Anon19743271d ago

Be realistic here. We have no idea looking at MS Entertainment numbers what the 360 brings in, what XBL brings in, what the Zune brings in, what amount of that revenue is Office for Mac, what amount is Windows for mobile devices...etc. No one claims Microsoft is hiding their numbers.

Why the double standard?

iHEARTboobs3271d ago

Because, they're a fanboys best friend. ;)

Pennywise3271d ago

Gamer Tags - I bought my PS3 and walked out of the store with one game and an extra controller, & HDMI for about $672.00. The console has made every penny I spent worth it. And that includes the over $1000.00 I have spent on games since.

Syronicus3271d ago

Starts off with two of the bigger Xbox 360 trolls. Yay for trolling...


Mr_Bun3271d ago

There is no way Gamertags owns a PS3...I even question whether or not he owns a 360.

Syronicus3271d ago

That in the last few Sony threads, the trolls have come to roost. I thought this was the gamer zone...

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socomnick3271d ago

Yea why are they hiding the truth, just let the investors know how badly the gaming division is doing.

rhood0223271d ago

uh. the "games division" doesn't exist anymore.

It's part of a larger division called Network Products and Services which contains 4 other segments including SCE (aka the gaming division)

So it doesn't matter if the SCE portion is down, there are 4 other divisions---including Network Mobile center, Media Software and Services, Personal Device Business, and VAIO business group that make up the total % of the division.

So why would they need to show 1/5th of this particular division (especially to fanboys) when, for investors it's about the whole picture?

God, it's like people lack even basic common sense.

Anon19743271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

As I mentioned above, we have no idea what the 360 brings in, or XBL versus all the other contributors within Microsoft Entertainment and Devices, but I don't see an article dedicated to Microsoft hiding their numbers, or fanboys demanding they release the data they're hiding.

Just more evidence that a double standard exists with game reporting. No one is asking why Microsoft doesn't reveal their data, but when Sony doesn't leap to the front with a breakdown of all revenue streams within a certain division at the snap of a reporters fingers, they're hiding something.

socomnick3271d ago

So you think that within the big division they dont take careful statistics of each individual program within the division. You know they do, Microsoft does, they posted numbers from their xbox division, thats also part of a larger segment of microsoft.

This is basically just Sony hiding the numbers from their investors, they are afraid of public outcry and investors pulling out unless they cancel the ps3.

Anon19743271d ago

I'd love to see them. I've been all over Microsoft's financial releases and I've never seen a 360 revenue breakdown within that division.

Show me.

In fact, Microsoft goes so far as to even stop reporting 360 units shipped when it suits them. Look back at 3rd, 4th quarter reports for 2007. 360 sales were half what they were in 2006, so Microsoft just stopped reporting them. The only reason we know is because eventually they started posting lifetime shipments again.

I've you've got a link I'd love to see it.

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Kinetix3271d ago

He came unprepared and left his notes at home. Big Deal.

user39158003271d ago

Sony its good at lies and here its another one of those, lets combine the total revenues and state that we only lost a whooping 372 million dollars, instead of reporting a drastic 2.7 billion lost from the gaming division.

Sony its sony and they are the master of deceiving lies.

FlipMode3271d ago

thats all you do

whats funny is it really doesnt make you feel better you dont effect them in any way

Natsu X FairyTail3271d ago

Sad that they're clearly hiding stuff from the public. we all know that they're in the red zone @ this time but it'll get better in time like leona lewis said.

3271d ago
TotalPS3Fanboy3271d ago

What? Sony ain't hiding nothing. In fact, Sony even wanted to give more information than what was requested. But of course, it requires time to get those information together. Which is why Sony will be giving those information to them offline, instead of over a short conference call. I mean, think about it, without graphs and line charts, how will those investors ever be able to understand the numbers?

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