Starcraft in your browser? Pretty near - Flytrap Games

Flytrap writes: "While it starts out deceptively easy, Colony is a game for the more ruthless, logistically-minded and - above all - quick-thinking breed of browser general. That reference to Starcraft in the dev blurb is telling.

You share a base with the AI or another player on the left, and must send an army to wipe out the base on the right. Bases are comprised of a hub and eight building templates (four per commander). Assemble barracks, factories and the like on the templates to produce units.

Once recruited or manufactured, units will trot towards the other base one by one unless you toggle the rally flag with "X". Besides attack and retreat orders, you have no control over their actions, and the brainwork thus lies not in micro-managing the assault but absolutely nailing the army make-up."

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