Top 10 mobile games of 2009 so far

Pocket Gamer: They say you should never look back, but what do 'they' know? What about if someone shouts "watch out for that runaway shopping trolley"? Or, "isn't that Penelope Cruz behind you?"

In the spirit of reflection, then, we thought we'd take a look back at the contenders for mobile game of 2009 at this halfway point. It's been a remarkably strong first half, as our list shows, but perhaps the strongest indicator comes from taking a look at the titles that didn't make it onto our list.

To name but a few: Rolling With Katamari, Puzzle Bobble Evolution, Gish, Chuck Norris, Bejeweled Twist.

All could validly claim a place on the table, and may yet come the end of the year. Which have been your favourite mobile games of 2009 so far?

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