Rumour: PS3 Price Cut confirmed by a French Website ? wrote:
For many months that the most fanciful rumors circulating on the net about a price drop of the Playstation 3. But this time it seems to be confirmed as contacted by us, some wholesalers say that the price of the console Sony will soon drop! And even better, since we can announce that a new version of the console that goes out!
The official announcement of the new cheaper version of the PS3 would be made at the press conference that the Japanese giant held in Cologne at the gamescom Tuesday 18 August at 18h French time, we will cover the show and of course We also reaffirm the device that we had deployed in Los Angeles last June at E3 so you can follow the best conditions in the largest European event on video games through previews photos, video ...

Updated: Some noise corridors seem to converge towards the release of a PS3 Slim to 299 euros. Ce tarif est à prendre avec des pincettes. This rate is to take with tweezers."

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The_Beast3278d ago

its a rumor, yet confirmed

nothing is confirmed unless sony says it

no_more_trolling3278d ago

how is it confirmed if its a rumour.

what kinda bullsh!t is this

The_Beast3277d ago

that it has been confirmed that its a rumor duh!!!

gintoki7773277d ago

I dont get it either but maybe all this stir up means sonys got something coming

o well These articles should go away until there is some concrete evidence

Maddens Raiders3277d ago

this is all part of a phenomenon known as the quickening effect & it's really starting to smell like this is happening...

somekindofmike3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

I personally would just like to CONFIRM that I will be spreading a rumour that PS3 slim will DEFINITELY be out next weak along packaged with GRAN TURISMO 5 & GOD OF WAR 3, you can pick this bundle up for just £150, you can count on that because I can CONFIRM that it is only a rumour I am spreading without any insider knowledge what so ever :)

mfwahwah3276d ago

The rumor is that the website is apparently confirming it. So, it IS a confirmation, in essence. But since we can't trust it it's a rumor. idk how to explain it well enough in text but whatever.

N4g_null3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

Well well it now looks like the PS3 cost 240-270 by these reports.

Sony has wrestled down build costs for the console by about 70 percent, Sony CFO Nobuyuki Oneda said in an earnings call this week.

"The cost reductions since we introduced the PS3 are very substantial, and on schedule," the exec said, as reported by consumer site GameSpot. "We don't disclose how much of the PS3 cost reduction was specifically achieved during the past two years. But that is on schedule."

He continued, saying "roughly speaking", Sony has reduced the cost to build the console by "about 70 percent."

Seriously this is a good thing and activison doesn't have to make good on their threat. I mean it's not like people where rushing to buy one any way. This will halp and if you are a PS3 fan then you should be happy. This is not bad news at all.

masterg3276d ago

I sold my PS3 60GB today for $100 more than a new one costs (with six old games) All so I can get a new slim with a new warranty soon.

Headshot813276d ago

for the SONY TAKEOVER coming this holiday season!.( Im thinking of buying a 2nd one as a bluray player for the living room)it's going to be a HD fest at my house!

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4pocalyps33277d ago

yeah i saw the title and thought wtf....rumour that a price cut has been confirmed....? mmmmkay then....

LordMarius3277d ago

These articles are multiplying at a faster rate

N4g_null3276d ago

Because they are true.... it is all over every where right now and comes from their own quartly -report.

dktxx23277d ago

The oxymoron is strong in this one.

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