Fallout 3 Update Adds Mothership Zeta Achievements

Bethesda has released an update for Fallout 3, adding new achievements for the upcoming 'Mothership Zeta' DLC to the game.

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Mindboggle3337d ago

Jeez hurry up and get this on PS3...I have money to burn and your not letting me burn it bethesda....

mirroredderorrim3337d ago

Give'em time. I hope they add a LOT to this DLC, because it is supposed to be the last.

It would be awesome if they released an SDK so we could extend the life of the game, much like Valve has done with L4D.
I have some interesting ideas pertaining to such. :D

Blacktric3337d ago

There is already a SDK out there (I think) called G.E.C.K. which Bethesda released a few months ago.

mirroredderorrim3337d ago (Edited 3337d ago )

I have not run into that information, until now.
Thank you!

Looks like I'll be picking up all DLC/Full game on PC as well, cause hot dog! I really do enjoy this game, more than words can describe.
I would really like to enjoy the game with superior PC graphics as well as get my creative bones going on the SDK (G.E.C.K.

I totally underestimated Bethesda.

Blacktric3336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

BTW just wait for the "Game Of The Year Edition". It will contain Fallout 3 with all five DLC's, will be released sometime in October 2009 and will be sold for 40$.

GiantEnemyCrab3337d ago

You guys on PS3 are in for a treat if you like Fallout 3. They are all good but the weakest of the bunch is Operation Anchorage. I would go with Broken Steel first if you have to choose.

Blacktric3336d ago

IMO Operation Anchorage is the best DLC if you want some kick ass weapons and armors. You can get an undestructible T-51b Winterized Power Armor (and you can wear it without training too) and you can also get Chinese Stealth Armor which makes you invisible if you crouch. And you can still move and attack while invisibile and also it makes Stealth Boy totally worthless. There's also a Gauss Rifle if you finish Operation Anchorage but unfortunately it can be broken with time. Then again it's one of the best weapons in Fallout 3. If you can get a critical hit, it throws away the opponent.

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