Aion CBT Includes New Sounds And Tutorials

The next test sessions for the highly anticipated MMO, Aion, will include the first batch of English voices to be used in cut-scenes as well as NPC speech and quests.

New race prologues will also appear when players make a character, describing the background for the Elyos and Asmodians. Tutorial videos and now available too, through the in-game help menu.

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Dorjan3336d ago

Ah fantasic! It was odd creating a silent character last time...

Maticus3336d ago

The lack of western voices was about the only thing that was amiss with the last CBT, this new content should make big difference.

Leord3336d ago

Yes, it's funny. I have this friends who SWEARS by WoW, like violently loyal, but she tried Aion, and is actually contemplating switching over from WoW if her friends do.

Malfurion3336d ago

Not more WoW killer comments...

From what I've seen Aion is pretty much a WoW clone without any of the depth of the Warcraft lore. Don't get me wrong, it looks decent, but I don't think we'll see it taking the MMO crown just yet.

That honor is reserved for TOR. Having said that, after the latest gameplay, I'm not too sure about that either.

Maticus3336d ago

Don't underestimate this game, save judgement until you've played it :)

Fyzzu3336d ago

Someone who uses a Warcraft character's name as a handle is hard to take seriously when it comes to an argument about Warcraft lore.

That said, I actually agree. There's always excitement about new MMOs. A chunk of people always move away from WoW. At least half of them move back fairly shortly after, and the new MMO fades out of the public eye.

I doubt we'll ever see an MMO actually kill WoW, just because it shouldn't be treated akin to other MMOs. Its playerbase is an anomaly, not a standard example of an MMO, and I *keep saying this.*

Nikuma3336d ago

If you played Aion at all you'd know it's story is looking amazing and it's told very well. Not just through text quest boxes. Also, WoW pretty much ruined Warcraft lore big time. Space goats anyone? lol.

Chris3993336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

Um, not to burst your bubble, but WOW is just a Warhammer clone with a hodge-podge mythology created when they couldn't finalize the rights. Check your history. Just because WOW has an ocean of content, that doesn't make the content particularly deep or revolutionary. It's fantasy lite. Pretty much as generic as you can get.

Aion has a much more compelling and unique narrative and if you actually played the game - which I assume you haven't from your rather biased comment - you would know that.

What's next in WOW btw? Orcs in Space? That's pretty much the direction that they're headed towards. That game has no cohesive plot or palatable story unless you're either 12 years old or have very, very low standards.

That's not to say that it's not an enjoyable game. WOW is a brilliant game for what it has accomplished. And I've committed to it on and off for several years and had some interesting experiences with it, but that doesn't make it the best or most original MMO by far.

Speaking comparatively, and looking at the cinema, if we examine figures and hype alone: 'Transformers was one of the best movies released in the past few years'. Read that snippet again. If you concur with it, that's probably why you like WOW so much.

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Fyzzu3336d ago

So there were no voices in there at all before this? Or just no English voices?

Maticus3336d ago

The only voices in it were shouts, but they were the Asian voices so it sounded like a Kung Fu movie :)

INehalemEXI3336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

There was voices in game but when you made your character there was an option to select from a few different voices, but prior to this update that button did not work.

The incantations of my mage sounded like bobeelahaaaalaaah and then when he did a more powerfull spell you heard bobeeelahaaaalaaaaAAH up an octave lol.