Jailbreaking iPhones could trigger Apocalypse

Apple is continuing in its efforts to make jailbreaking its precious handsets illegal by spouting all sorts of nonsense about the untold damage which could be done if hackers are allowed to circumvent the Iphone's locked-down operating system.

The men in grey suits at the Cupertino Campus have even gone so far as to suggest that dastardly drug dealers will take full advantage of the unlocked device and turn all of our children into crack-addled dropouts.

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miacosa3303d ago

The same day this comes out the report that hackers can gain access to the iPhone regardless of if it's jailbroken hits. What a poor attempt at deflection, how ridiculous!

Microsoft Xbox 3603303d ago

Jailbreaking and the hacking community made the iPhone what it is today. The best phone with all the best games and apps. Apple should shut the f up.

mrv3213303d ago

They've just completely sold me on a jailbroken iphone. If there's one thing the iphone has tought me that society doesn't deserve this earth, they buy this handset which costs more than £300 and all they use it for is showing off a list of applications THEY WILL NEVER USE... except the facebook app which is used but only to prove that forced infertility is right... why does everyone seem to want to brag about how much better than their life that everyone elses and the next day moan about the smallest stupidest thing AND WHY DO I NEED TO KNOW YOUR GOING TO BED? I don't care about your sleep patterns and I'm sure no one does, you are just posting because you know all your 'friends' will see it, won't reply and that will help you get to sleep in what no doubt is a superior bed.

My phone is 5 years old, no camera. I have used it twice in one year I have £1.26 left out of £10. And I can still call and text I even have shoot 'em ups on there. I feel that the iphone is just for people who lead inferior lives but don't want to admit it.

celldomceen13303d ago

Tell us how you really feel, i mean don't hold back lol.

PotNoodle3303d ago

Clearly, it is you that has the issues if a phone gets you like this.

Kakkoii3303d ago

The iPhone isn't really just for people like that.

As a tech enthusiast, It's an awesome little piece of hardware. But I'm clamoring more for a Nvidia Tegra device. Now that's gonna be awesome.

XxZxX3303d ago

just go android.
Have you look at apple app store lately, most developers trying to make money off the app. In android, they are so much cool free apps around than iPhone.

PotNoodle3302d ago

The App store was like that at the start too, what you need to remember is that if the Android app store takes off as well as Apple's then it will be more or less the same thing.

XxZxX3302d ago

you forgot that Android is open source but iPhone is not.