Security experts mock Mac security

For Ages Apple has been peddling its Macs as being more secure than PCs simply because hackers could not be bothered targeting them. However according to MSNBC, the recent Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas has been dicing and slicing the Mac's reputation for security with a number of exploits found in Apple's hardware and software.

Dino Dai Zovi disclosed a software flaw that hackers could use to take control of Macs and steal data that is scrambled to protect it from identity thieves. The show has also been bad news for Iphone users, which were told that Apple's encryption is a joke and that the Jesus phone could be broken into by someone sending you an SMS.

The show was told that if Macs gain market share there will be a danger that hackers will start having a look under the bonnets of the machines. If they do, they will find it pretty easy to defeat them, presenters said.

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Kakkoii3341d ago

Yep. Guess you Mac users will just have to hope Apple's computer market share doesn't go up. hehe :P

Mo0eY3341d ago

These hacks will be fixed within two weeks regardless. Apple has the reports sent in so they can update their OS.

Kakkoii3341d ago

Try reading the full article first.. Even if they were actively patching their OS when exploits are found (which they aren't doing), that's hardly the main problem.

heroicjanitor3340d ago

Right now I'm picturing those ads where they showed pc putting all of his money in advertising rather than fix vista. Hypocrites.

Montrealien3340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

what do they need to Fix in Vista for the regular user, pls tell me. Don`t forget to just dissagree instead on enlightning me.

As for the article, the Mac (security) has always been more about the market share, and not the security itself.

btw, I`m a PC, and damn proud.

Maddens Raiders3340d ago

Stopped reading after, "according to MSNBC"........

Xephon083340d ago

The main gripe with Vista still is the system requirements which isn't that big of a deal and is being fixed in Windows 7.

For years now macs have been too damn c0cky thinking they are hot $hit, in all honesty Apple is more evil then MSFT, They with hold features from the iphone just so they can make a new one in 6 months and charge you through the ass. With each new product update I stat to resent apple more and more.

And don't forget if you can't run something on a mac, put windows on it :D

Tony999Montana3340d ago

I'm not going to give you my own opinion on this, but I would like to point out a few things:

1. MSNBC is owned by Microsoft

2. MSNBC has an extremely limited technical knowledge

ry-guy3340d ago

So the company that is owned by a technological giant has limited knowledge of said field?

Wow. That's some rock solid logic.

IdleLeeSiuLung3340d ago

"Still, they said the Mac's operating system will be an easier nut to crack once hackers start to focus on it. That is because it has a lot more code in it than Windows, leaving room for more vulnerabilities and bugs that hackers can exploit, the two experts said." -from the Article

Let's put it like this, just about every hacker in the world is hacking Windows not Macs. The number of flaws we have seen isn't that bad on Windows.

Remember when FireFox was up and coming, well it had as many flaws as IE despite all the open sourceness. Security is a human problem, not technological.

Kakkoii3340d ago


This story isn't about what MSNBC thinks. It's them talking with SECURITY EXPERTS. Those uber hackers at the yearly Black Hat security conference.

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poopsack3340d ago

god i love mine, 3 years straight using it daily, taking it everywhere its needed, and no problems, ever, running smoothly 24/7 and running VMWare when its needed, yeah lol mac.


serves Apple right, charging consumers quite frankly extortionate sums of money for basic hardware and software, they been lucky so far as most hackers see pc as the easier target but hopefully Macs and iPhones garner interest from the hacking community soon so they expose the flaws in Apples products and use them against Apple.

Mr_Showtime13340d ago

I would much rather hope the "hacker community" would go find something more productive to do than sit around trying to destroy other peoples goods.

Kakkoii3340d ago

And I would much rather hope Apple computers died out. As they are a plague to the computing industry. They are a closed hardware/software system that Apple want's to regulate and profit on all to themselves. They are the very definition of "Totalitarian". It won't be a very open & free future if Apple becomes the leader.

tomdrum63340d ago

loooool yeh iv been saying for years its just because of the measley market share. never been put to the acid test of the masses. goold old mactax not being put to good use. I beleive apple are also quite slow in the patching of security in the past

Sangria3340d ago

Like we say in Motherland, "the best closed door is the one you don't try to open". So once you notice there is no lock on that door, the only question that matters is to know if it's worth it.

Montrealien3340d ago

very well said, you have pretty much closed the thread. move along people, macs are not perfect either. :D

beardpapa3340d ago

like a shot of wisdom there. bubbles to you.

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