8.9 Fat Princess Review writes: "Fat Princess is a fresh title that really can't be set up against any another game. The mix of multiple game genre elements adds a lot to the game and changes it from your normal third-person action title to a whole new adventure. The nice array of game modes, maps, and classes will keep you occupied while playing online but the offline modes might only last for a few weeks. The lack of split screen may disappoint a few but I know I can live without it. This PSN exclusive easily reaches the hype that it received before release and the $15 price tag makes the game a definite buy for anyone in the mood for something new."

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Tripl3seis3337d ago

I love this game is so cool!!!!!

Vecta3337d ago

I just wish it had a Server list instead of just matchmaking.

Sigh3337d ago (Edited 3337d ago )

Most console games these days tend to have matchmaking instead of server selections. Only ones I can think of that aren't matchmaking are Metal Gear Online and Socom... But yeah, I agree, I wish more online games were like that on consoles, so much easier seeing if the server's full/free or matches right with your connection, especially if it's a game like Fat Princess!

JL3337d ago

I totally agree. I finally got online a couple hours ago (was having those issues before) and just got done playing it. First thing I thought was "this would be so much easier with a listing instead of just putting me into a game".

Granted really all I ever play online is Socom, and some KZ2 (which has server list if I'm not mistaken as well--been a while though), also dabbled in a couple others. This is actually the first time I've ever played a game online that had matchmaking like that though.

This game is pretty awesome though. I keep getting my a$$ kicked though lol seems like everybody can shoot faster than I can lol. It's lots of fun though.

arakouftaian3337d ago

r you using the L1 to AIM ? and kill...

ThanatosDMC3337d ago

Agreed. I hate that we cant choose servers that arent populated with players. Played a stalemate game with another person. I won in the end due to higher score.

JL3337d ago

Yes, I use L1 to lock on to the target. I didn't mean like I'm not hitting them or anything. Just that it seems like the 'recoil/reload' time before my next strike seems longer. Like some of the ones I fought against seemed to be able to get in like 5 strikes in a second, whereas most I can get in is like 2. But it's not that big a deal, I was kinda half joking about it really.

MTEC83337d ago

with great humor, not sure if I want to play with others or to play with myself today. LOL

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sak5003337d ago

The game based on ulitimolu gets released.

thereapersson3337d ago

Though that was a low blow, for some reason I laughed

Mo0eY3337d ago

Your bubbles are delicious, and I do hope that report I just sent in works.

Arnon3337d ago

Lol? He posted in the open zone. I've seen you personally attack people and, without a doubt in my mind, they'd ban you first.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3337d ago

You cry and run to mommy alot don't you?

3336d ago
1ikedamaster3336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

Reported as offensive. Animal cruelty.

*Original comment: Go f*ck a donkey.*

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120FPS3337d ago

Dude that was not very nice, refering to Juuken as a princess

topdawg1223337d ago

Damn psn has a lot of awesome games. Better than xbla.
@saks500 suck on my sack [email protected]

shutupandplay3337d ago (Edited 3337d ago )

"Better than xbla." I lol`d.
Topdawg: You know what else has ps1 classics? My ps1 *gasp*

topdawg1223337d ago (Edited 3337d ago )

It is better loser psn gots ps1 classics and better original titles xb!tch
@ shutup you still got a ps1? Congratulations, good luck finding those classics on disc
@ soda you're exactly right those are nothing!, except for gta dlc, I kinda want that but it will come later

DelbertGrady3337d ago (Edited 3337d ago )

What has XBLA had this year except The Maw, Splosion Man, Trials HD, GTA: Lost & Damned, 2 packs of Fallout 3 DLC, Wallace & Gromit, Sam & Max, Monkey Island SE & Garou: MOW? Nothing!

PS3 has Fat Princess!!!

thereapersson3337d ago

Now now, Popinsky, you know the PSN has some good games this year.... :)

Pennywise3337d ago

Ahh the jealously gets worse by the day.

Sodapunk - Keep holding on to your second rate FO3 DLC. It will be on PS3 very soon for suckers to buy.

sak5003337d ago


Sorry if made fun of your mom? BTW, I prefer coconuts to peanuts. Go suck on ken's knob.

GiantEnemyCrab3336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

It's all about Splosion Man right now!! Love that game!

Fat Princess looks to be a hit but I just don't like it, so no sale here.

Pennywise the FL3 DLC is awesome with the weakest being Operation Anchorage. I probably got another 25 hours out of the game from the DLC and that was after putting in well over 100 hours on just the game.

If you don't like FL3 I can see you not liking this but to call it second rate when it's some of the most expansive DLC to hit a game this generation sounds like sour grapes.

1ikedamaster3336d ago we already have Marvel vs. Capcom 2.

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wiggles3337d ago

I gotta agree, this is my first PSN purchase, I got it fully downloaded at like 8:00, played and the next thing I knew it was's such a great game...I can't wait to play it once they iron out some of the minor details, like the minor lag.

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