Video of Sackboy Dressed Up as Videogame Stars

Slashgamer Writes: "For me anyway, when I think of LittleBigPlanet's user created material, the first thing that pops in my mind are the fantastic levels gamers have made. I generally forget about what people do to the SackBoys and girls, and it's always refreshing to see what players can do to those lovable characters."

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RememberThe3573340d ago

This is why that whole Play.Creat.Share. thing is so damn cool.

big shadow3340d ago

all I have to say is WOW

pixelsword3339d ago

I meant to cancel my approval because he didn't embed the video, but mistakes were made...

penguinhunter3339d ago

You need to catch up to the rules on the site, videos do NOT have to be embedded. That should not be a reason to not approve a story.