Xbox 360 Elite: "No Sponsored Trade-Ins" Says Microsoft

According to CB Games... "Xbox junkies have been asking like crazy about the possibility of trading in your Xbox 360 for the new Elite. Well, for you Xbox 360 owners who don't give a rat's scraggily little tail, it probably doesn't make a difference, but for the former group, you won't be receiving squat from Microsoft."

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BlackIceJoe4253d ago

That is MS for you not caring about the customer. I guess I will have to keep my old 360 then. I had a feeling this would happen but I still would have liked some thing for my 360 that still works. Well I guess I will just buy the bigger hard drive by it self.

WilliamRLBaker4252d ago

Because I certainly dont remember sony letting you trade in a fat ps1 for a slim ps1, or a fat ps2 for a fat ps2, I dont remember any company letting you trade up on new consoles.....So remind me which one let you do this?

Why o why4252d ago

@WilliamRLBaker Its a rippoff. The 360 only came out 18 months ago. Apart from that your right, no consoles have been tradable. But the slim ps you mentioned came out like 4, 5 years after the chunky 1

WilliamRLBaker4252d ago

Its a rip off for whom? People that haven't purchased a 360? or people that have? because people that haven't can spend 80 dollars extra and get hdmi, and a 120gig hard drive, FOR 80 bux.

People that have purchased pro is the only ones its a rip off for, And then you have to take into account that most people DONT NEED the hdmi or the 120 gig hard drive, and if they DO need it then they are more then likely willing to pay that price for the hard drive alone, or for an elite.

Why o why4252d ago

@WilliamRLBaker to the peeps who actually want to trade. New owners are fine but the likelyhood is that some 360 owners will now want the elite after just spending whatever they spent on their systems. You add up the costs then take the time its taken for the new sku to appear and youll find its not benificial. Plus the price is increased and using the stupidly priced hard disk add on price to justify the elites price is not the shout. When the 80 gig ps3 comes out im sure theyll drop the 60 but they might use that as a reason to keep the price where it is not increase it.

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CyberSentinel4253d ago (Edited 4252d ago )

Unless you have a TV that "ONLY" has a HDMI port, you don't "NEED" the elite. You just want it because its "New". I know how you feel, I was seriously considering upgrading at one point, even justified it by the money I would get for a trade in, premium=$250 + HDD=$30 = $280 which mean all it would cost me to upgrade is $200.00. with the 120 HDD being $180.00, I looked at it like only costing me $20.00 dollars to upgrade! I have since changed my mind, and decided that I don't "REALLY" need it, and decided to buy more games instead.

@2.1: Wouldn't you be able to use that store credit to buy an elite?

Never mind, I found it.


Gamestop and their usual shrewd business practices.

@2.2 Read the links I posted, according to Xbox360fanboy you have to BUY the elite first, then you will get in store credit with the elite receipt, flyer coupon, and trade in. At that point, you already HAVE the xbox elite, so store credit is all your left with. Basically they want you to pre-order the elite before May 27, and then pay for it, in full on the May 29.

Systematrix4253d ago

The $250 you get for your Premium 360 at GameStop is for STORE CREDIT, not cash. And we already knew MS wasn't giving us squat for any trade-ins.

Honeal2g4253d ago (Edited 4253d ago )

No kidding its trade in credit not cash ....where have you been?? if you planned on trading it why would you want cash if 1)your use that money anyway towards the elite and 2) if u received cash it would be significantly less money. So yea its trade in credit REtard. that had to be the dumbest thing i've read on this site

Skizelli4252d ago

@Honeal2g: You must not read many comments on the site then. And there's no need to insult somebody just for stating the obvious.

snoop_dizzle4252d ago

well it doesn't affect me so i'm ok.

But hey, Nintendo did the same thing with the DS lite, and people didn't seem to care. The majority of consumers at least.

Why o why4252d ago

the price was the reason nobody cared. They didnt increase it

GunPants4252d ago (Edited 4252d ago )

why do ppl go to game stop? they don't give very good trade ins for any thing. i traded my 360 pre and my old xbox and gears(sorry new game type just can't get me off rainbow). and i got $375 from game crazy/hollywood video (thats $40 more than gamestop was going to give me) and i can use that for anything it dosent't have to be the elite, but i will be getting it tomorrow.

IBLEEDBLU4252d ago

lol yep i saw this coming lol its kinda funny - even after all the break downs and paying for online u would think MS would do some sort of trade in hahaha

dont [email protected] and complain about gamestop - be lucky they even offer some sort of trade in value - because if they didnt u would have to spend the extra money for the elite and then still have ur core or prem system

and u say y do ppl pay from gamestop? y do ppl buy xbox360? everyday that goes by the facts of xbox360 ripping u off is sooo clear its not even funny...yet ppl still buy it

and in reality if u look at the cost of the elite + upgrades+online the xbox360 is much more expense then the PS3

u guys are stupid for buying xbox360 and now u can all cry that ur system are already inferior lol

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