Readers to influence App Development of iPhone Game ProtoXide Racing

The iPhone developer HeroCraft is willing to develop a iPhone game to the demands of fans. They contacted the German website for feedback from fans and readers.

Now readers of have the same chance. Post your comments, what you would like to see in the game, what would be a must have, that would make ProtoXide Racing a game you would like to play?

All comments posted here will be heard by the development team.

ProtoXide Racing is an WipeOut styled futuristic racing game. With following planed features:

- 5 different ships to choose from, ranging from the heavy tank-like to the light and fast bike-like
- 4 worlds of 4 racing tracks each, 16 tracks in a total
- 5 weapon types, pick-up bonuses like nitro or nuclear weapons
- Quick race and career modes
- Multiplayer over WiFi
- Hall of fame, both local and online
- 3D stereo sound, cool music
- Motion sensor controlled steering (or swipe controlled)
- Player profiles
- Game encyclopedia

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