New Square Enix teaser website

Square Enix seems to have taken a liking to teaser websites over the past few months. Most recently, the company kept Final Fantasy Gaiden: Four Warriors of Light under wraps, but then revealed the mystery a few days after. Today, however, Square Enix brings gamers a new teaser site.

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Nitrowolf23342d ago

FF7 remake for ps3 i hope. If it is then i will have a heart attack. only 7 days to wait
reason it could be is because its a roman numeral 7, which possible indicates ff7.

qface643342d ago

its not FF7 because they would save something big like that for TGS

its another hand held game
20 bucks its another DS game if you think other wise your being silly

Nitrowolf23342d ago

i will be very dissapointed if that is true. you probaly are right

Pandemic3342d ago

Getting old now with Square Enix continuously publishing teaser websites....

umair_s513342d ago

The timer will run for 11 days right? So it wont make it till Gamescon, making a remake very unlikely. Looks like another VII spin off to me for a DS or PSP to me.

NaiNaiNai3342d ago

look again thats 11 hours.

iamtehpwn3342d ago (Edited 3342d ago )

It says

which COULD be refering to August (The 8th month), and the 7th day.

This MAY very well be the day.
That Square Enix listens to our prayers, and hearts,
...And denies them, but re-releases Final Fantasy I and II PSN and XBLA.

GameGambits3342d ago (Edited 3342d ago )

Being realistic I hope it's another game in the FF7 universe to wrap up the story arc with Genesis from Crisis Core. I never played Dirge of Cerberus or watched Advent Children entirely, but I don't believe he's in those is he? So figuring out what happens to him after Crisis Core wraps up would be a great fan please. I'm totally up for a Crisis Core 2 or something along those lines. :)

Edit: Just remembered the secret ending for Dirge of Cerberus has Genesis in it. Maybe it'll be Dirge of Cerberus 2 on PSP?

Vertius3341d ago

Looks like it's got nothing to do with VII. The countdown expired, just to begin again with a VI. It looks like it's just a countdown of the days.

I'd still love Vagrant Story II. The colour of the background is reminiscent of it's art style.

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rCrysis3342d ago

starting the countdown timer on VII.

now that IS teasing

BlackIceJoe3342d ago

I know it won't be but I would love it if VII was Vagrant Story II. Yet I really know it won't. Because it would have to be VSII. FFVII remake comes to mind but I would think that news would be saved for TGS. So I wonder what it can be.

Nitrowolf23342d ago (Edited 3342d ago )

i now people are saying that the news would be better for TGS and yes it would but mybe SE will just keep showing CD after CD until tgs or gamecom. Sqaure will be at Gamecom also. or mybe they will pull a Hideo Kojima on us (mgs rising/peacemaker.)

TheColbertinator3342d ago

SE is finally remaking Final Fantasy 7 for the DS.Their laziness will reach a new level

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