ModNation Racers Fact Sheet

PlayStation LifeStyle has the official fact sheet on ModNation Racers direct from Sony.

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DoucheVader3341d ago

LBP meets Mario Kart perhaps?

erathaol3341d ago

I would of preferred LBP meets Twisted Metal but some things are just never meant to be together.


JL3341d ago

Yea, I think LBP meets Mario Kart is how this has been described for a while now. For me, that's awesome. I'm loving what I've seen of this game so far.

T3mpr1x3341d ago

I love the "Play Create Share" genre, this should be a fun game.

JL3341d ago

I second that sentiment. I'm really curious to see this genre be taken further now. Be really curious to see what MM does next and if they take it to a new genre to tack that Play, Create, Share thing onto. Though I will have to say this: I don't know if it's just the "simple" nature of the game as opposed to platform design, but United Front seems to have done much better with the creating aspect on this game than Media Molecule did with LBP (at least with the user friendly aspect of it). I mean, I love LBP, and the create tool is very extensive and awesome, just not easy to make something worthwhile on there. This here looks like you can build what your heart desires and do it really easily. Then again, like I said, that might be largely due to the fact of the much simpler design of racing as opposed to platform. Just know that I'm going to definitely be doing alot of creating on here, whereas on LBP, I just wasn't good enough to do it.

Immortal Kaim3341d ago

You guys love your press releases. :)

Sev3341d ago

What's your point? Do people not want this type of info?

All sites post press releases, that's why publishers send out press releases.

What are you implying?

Immortal Kaim3341d ago

I'm not implying anything Sev, just making an observation about Playstation Lifestyles' tendency to post press releases. :)

DJ3341d ago

This game's going to fit right up my alley.

Hudahudahuda3341d ago

This is actually the game i'm looking forward too the most after god of war 3.

I'm a huge fan of Mario kart and this looks better.

JL3341d ago

Huge fan of Mario Kart as well...and CTR (it would be so incredibly awesome if it turns out United Front puts a battle mode in here like CTR had...oh I'd cream my pants I think lol). I don't however think I'm looking forward to this more than Uncharted 2...maybe a couple more as well. Though I think ModNation will definitely be in my Top 5 most anticipated games that we know of right now. Hell I'd even put it over GOW3 (that might be just because I've never played the first two--will be picking up 3 though definitely).

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The story is too old to be commented.