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Submitted by Sucks2BU 2382d ago | article

Why Xbox is Winning

The figures are out, and guess who is in the green? Gameplayer analyses the latest results to come out of the big three console makers in order to show why the Xbox 360 is proving to be the most economic crisis resistant console. (Culture, PS3, Wii, Xbox 360)

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Natsu X FairyTail  +   2382d ago
and they keep saying ms is in danger ?
but they're the only ones who actually made positive increasing numbers this year.

holla Back.
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KionicWarlord222  +   2382d ago
Microsoft is the devil .

"The greatest power of Microsoft is believing they dont exist ."

lol just playing .
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Eddie20101  +   2382d ago
The person that wrote the article is seriously misquoting numbers, While the first quarter numbers for Nintendo and Sony are correct, his numbers for Microsoft are not the correct numbers for the first quarter of 2009.

Sales from January 2009 to July 2009 for the the three consoles.


Wii = 3,746,650
Xbox 360 = 1,976,326
PS3 = 1,399,953


Wii = 7,549,993
Xbox 360 = 4,321,297
PS3 = 3,777,244

These are the numbers for the year and as you can see Microsoft is not doing that much better than Sony and if Sony is failing then Microsoft is not far behind.
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Sucks2BU  +   2382d ago
are you saying that nintendo and Sony did actually sell more consoles that the year previous, and that MS didn't. Or just coming up with random unrelated numbers?
commodore64  +   2382d ago
so, according to eddie, the ps3 is falling behind by an additional 1 million skus per year.

That's actually more than i thought!
erathaol  +   2382d ago
Let's recap.

1 - Blu-Ray is doomed article
1 - Xbox 360 is winning article
1 - Nintendo's sales are finally slowing down from its monster success so the other two can catch up article.
1 - Xbox 360 is only slightly in the lead article
1 - PS2 outsells PS3,360, and PSP 1st half of 09 article
1 - Sony reports major losses article

We just need a rumored stolen exclusive article and it'll be another good day at N4G. Well done gentlemen.

The Fall and Winter game line-up can't come fast enough, we have to much time on our hands.
iChaos Amongus  +   2382d ago
Eddie that's just so far in the slowest part of the year. Does anyone remember last holiday seasons sales?

October 2008 NPD:

Xbox 360 - 371,000
PlayStation 3 - 190,000

November 2008 NPD:

Xbox 360 - 836,000
Playstation 3 - 378,000

Decemeber 2008 NPD:

Xbox 360 - 1.44 million
PS3 - 726,000

And that was just NPD. The good thing for PS3 right now is that even though it's falling farther you least not by a massive amount as of now(though being outsold by 500,000 so far in 2009 isn't exactly miniscule when you're already 8-9 million behind), but if PS3 doesn't get a price-cut by October...yea, it's going to be ugly. This isn't when everyone is looking to buy gaming consoles.
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NachosWithCheese  +   2382d ago
You just blew my mind Kionic!
Blaze929  +   2382d ago
who cares who is winning, I think we're all pretty sure likely down the line the PS3 will rise to the top again....maybe.

But who really needs to be applauded is Microsoft this gen. Coming from the somewhat failure of a console you could say was the Xbox to the now widely popular Xbox 360 and them being in the position they are in now. The underdog came out of no where this gen and kudos to them. I think I speak for everyone when I say no one expected the 360 to be doing as well as it is now, even with all those damn system problems.
Once Upon a Fable  +   2382d ago
"I think we're all pretty sure likely down the line the PS3 will rise to the top again....maybe. "

haha Speak for yourself! I personally don't care if PS3 catches up in 2018, now is what matters. New consoles will be released before PS3 ever catches up, if it even does, which I don't know why people still debate at this point.
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glennc  +   2382d ago
i don't really care who is winning when it is a somewhat close race. i'll leave it up to the kiddies to do the braggin to each other. i only care if my console is trailing far far behind as that is when it affects me personally. classic example is the n64 and gamecube, they got no love from the 3rd party developers because they were not selling well, among other reasons.

all 3 are doing more than well enough to guarantee plenty of games released every year. there are no losers this time around, we are all winners.
blind-reaper  +   2382d ago
MAN I should make an article called "Why I don't care", but no one would care (just like this article up here)

like Homer would said "NEEEEERDSSS!"
Syronicus  +   2382d ago
If you really want to write a good article...
Start with the title: "Why the Gamer is Winning".

This console war crap is getting pretty old.
Rampant  +   2382d ago
@ 1.2
Not far behind??? I thought xbox360 was 10 million units ahead.
ShabzS  +   2382d ago
@ Blaze
claps for you man ... 360's success story ... so true
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2Spock  +   2382d ago
Winning is only in the eyes of the beholder............
Gamertags  +   2382d ago
Because the price is right.

Live is the best Online component ever offered and the features are incredible.

Equally as powerful as competitor systems. Any game offered on both systems is better for the 360. All 1st party games released on the competitors system could and would run as good if not better on the 360. Simple truth.

More games!

More quality games:

More DLC!

On and On people. Simple as that.
Anon1974  +   2382d ago
It's sad that a misleading article based on blatantly false information hits the top news.
Are we, as gamers, so blind that we just accept everything we read now? Did no one bother to check their data and see that what this article is reporting is blatantly false based on easily verifiable data released by all companies?

The state of game "journalism" is in a sad state indeed, and there are so many that just read what the want to read, don't give it a second thought and then take to the forums, clapping like trained seals.
Sucks2BU  +   2382d ago
Nintendo would sill be winning relatively. Like they may have lost 66% but that would still put them above the others because they are so far ahead. This I think is a major worry though for gamers as so many Wii games are in development and people are running from the console in droves.

All I can think of is that article Wii 2 to Cause Industry Crash (
qface64  +   2382d ago
i don't understand nintendos went down but they didn't loose any money they still made money just not as much as they were thinking

i was under the impression they all took hits in some way
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Sucks2BU  +   2382d ago
my understanding is the MS took a big hit from Windows Vista failing, but their Xbox side of things did well.
Immortal Kaim  +   2382d ago
I'm really getting sick of this sh*t.

We have already seen the financial results, I'm sure we can discern what they mean for ourselves...
SlappingOysters  +   2382d ago
I disagree
I think the more analysis the better. This opened my mind to a few ideas I had not thought of it.

I think reporting the article because you think your the biggest brain in the world is also quite lame. The site did a good story and they have every right to be heard. Mope off to somewhere you want to actually be.
Immortal Kaim  +   2382d ago
I find it funny that the editor of the site, Chris Stead (SlappingOysters), would reply to my post.

Don't take it to heart, I'm not proclaiming to be a brain. We have all seen the results, all seen various run downs of the financial earnings, I don't need another analysis with a flamebait heading.

p.s "because you think your the biggest brain", mmm...I see a mistake in there mister editor. ;)
Chris399  +   2382d ago
I'm going to side with Kaim on this one.
And defending the substance (or lack thereof) of an article from your own site, is as sad as those authors who write reviews for their books on Amazon.

Let the strength of a story speak for itself. I read the article in it's entirety and it didn't present me with any new or thought provoking information. It's simply a recap of the stories that we've already heard followed by a healthy dose of speculation - with a flame-bait title to boot. This seems to be the norm in the industry nowadays, and the author has done nothing to separate himself from the herd.

He should do something creative, like write a game preview. All three consoles are established and supported enough that they aren't going anywhere. Articles like this are rather pointless and simply add to the bile that our media is drowning in.

P.S. From a grammatical standpoint the article fails in several areas as well. The prevalent over-use and misuse of "which" comes to mind.
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Nomad1001  +   2382d ago
Wow this is just sad. Stop this nonsense now, this isn't news, this isn't even a blog this is just a fanboy post.
I mean his evidence is that Microsoft made less money than Nintendo but their winning? Good lord.
DasBunker  +   2382d ago
one year earlier and $200 starting price..

nuff said..
ChozenWoan  +   2382d ago
I'll add XBox1 support cut when 360 was released, so that accounts for about 23mil of the 30 mil 360s on the market. Wow, MS has really gained a lot of ground this gen, only 7 mil of the 150 million ps2 owners who are just waiting for pS3 to hit $299.

Don't worry, I'll pick up a 360 to balance the universe when they get to $50. I"m not Kidding, I will do it.
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crazyclown  +   2382d ago
well time frames and SONY is winning...Wii is actually but not same type of console
nostalgic_noob  +   2382d ago
Uncharteds Option menu is better than any game that ever appeared on the Xbox
user3915800  +   2382d ago
The drag on top whats that a she-male?
Xbox its the best.

Sony suck.

Wii santa claus its not hrer.

PSP its just crap on the go.

DS its midget garbage.

PS3 its just like the dreamcast too expensive crap.

PS2 its dead.

Now who wants to get it on tonight, Ill bet shane kims wife.
Mo0eY  +   2382d ago
Uncharted's title screen is better than any game that ever appeared on the Xbox 360.

El Botto  +   2382d ago
Xbox 360 is NOT in green. The Zune and Windows Mobile are GREEN.
Xbox is red.

Deep in red.
borgome  +   2382d ago
Attention Ps3 nerds
I'll give it to you plain and simple so even the Ps3 nerds can understand this. The reason xbox is winning is because normal/cool gamers play xbox, the majority of people fall into this category.

Now, on the other hand the type of people that play Ps3 are the nerdy/uncool computer type. You my friends, in this world are the minority, that is why Ps3 can't beat xbox.

So, in conclusion...Xbox cool, Sony not cool. I hope this clarifies things a little bit for everybody.
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Tjtroublemaker  +   2382d ago
heck yea!
Having played games from both PS3 and the 360 i can honestly see why this is, all the army people ive talked to play xbox, most firehouse ive been in have an xbox, in my opinion the games for the 360 are of way better quality than any other.
cyborg6971  +   2382d ago
So how cool am I with the 360 ps3 and Wii? Yeah that's right SUPER COOL.
Shadow Man  +   2382d ago
oh no...
Here comes the Drois disagree like crazy LOL
Nelson M  +   2382d ago
No Need to Disagree With you ShadowBoT
Just gonna put you Straight

"why the Xbox 360 is proving to be the most economic crisis resistant console. "
Because its a cheap piece of Crap for Hick BoTs like yourself on welfare !!!

Call that Winning !
Thy Silly Little BoT
Boty  +   2382d ago
couldn't have said better myself.
there are some exceptions though.
shutupandplay  +   2382d ago
Cheaper, more games, more quality games, more AAA games, XBL, XBLA, netflix, strongest online community, multiplats sell better, achievements, soon to be twitter and facebook, often gets exclusive or timed dlc etc. etc.
Below: And you have ONE this year and it`s already dead. Lol, killzone 2 did more damage to xbox before it was even launched because of all the hype.
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user858621  +   2382d ago
am sorry but wat AAA titles have come out this year?? please do try avoiding multiplatform since their on the ps3 2 :)
lokiroo420  +   2382d ago
AAA games, name one this year, lmao.
KILL-ALL-CURE  +   2382d ago
XBox costs more than the ps3 if you count the amount of things you need to buy for an xbox 360 to compete with a ps3 quantity wise/
More games? look at the amount of exclusives and using actualy numbers you will see that ps3 has more.
XBLA? I can play ps1 and ps2 games on my ps3, plus it has downloads for alot of amazing ps1 and ps2 games on the store, not to mention great arcade titles as well.
Achievements? That meaningless points system in where someone can seem like they are good at the game but they probablly have only played halfway through a bunch of games, whereas trophies show the amount of different kinds of trophies people have recieved on a difficulty basis.
Twitter and facebook? Ps3 has a web browser, as a matterof fact i am typing this on my ps3 right now.

Dont get me wrong, the 360 is a great console and i am looking forward to Halo ODST, Halo REACH, and Gears 3, but i am buying Mass effect 2 on my PC(or ps3 if it is released on that system) LEft 4 dead 2 on my PC(Because of mods and better resolutions and graphics)and other than that you have no more Microsoft exclusive games.
ITs online system is also extremely well made, my favourite feature being the invite system. But PSN has been catching up very fast in terms of features and content, and i believe it will match or exceed the xbox in a very short time.

In other words please attack an argument from both sides, or you will sound like a complete douchebag when you think you know exactly what your talking about
But I will
shutupandplay  +   2382d ago
Lol, the droids put so much time into trying to convince people the ps3 is actually good, and then an article like this comes out...and they have to spend more of their precious time doing damage control. I love it. Chalk off fat princess, cause there is only one more game worth buying on the ps3 this year.
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keysy420  +   2382d ago
keep it up son y
sony keep doing what you are doing
Anon1974  +   2382d ago
Halfway through this gen?
Correct me if I'm wrong, but the PS3 has only been available worldwide for just over 2 years now. How they figure we're at the halfway point is beyond me. And Microsoft's last quarter didn't show a year on year increase. 360 sales had their worst quarter in two years.

The link to that data is right here.

This article should have been reported as fake, as anyone with a working knowledge of Google can look up those numbers and see that this site is wrong.
KionicWarlord222  +   2382d ago

That is true but Microsoft still made a profit on xbox 360 for two years .
heroicjanitor  +   2382d ago
This is some truly shocking journalism
I always thought these guys were fair but now I get the feeling that they were waiting for sales from both and when they realised microsoft wasn't winning by much they went ahead with the article but hid the microsoft figures...

He says the wii dropped and
"The PlayStation 3 followed suit although not as dramatically dropping from 1.6 million sales, to 1.1 million in a Q1 comparison."

He knows full well the wii is "winning" and the 360 sold a measly 100,000 more than the ps3...

It just shows how biased a lot of the media is. Today there was proof that the 360 is barely beating the ps3 yet we have just received a glut of articles declaring microsoft the kings.
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Anon1974  +   2382d ago
Acutally, we don't know if the 360 is profitable
In response to KionicWarlord222. MS Entertainment and Devices posted a profit of $450 million last year then $168 million this last fiscal year (although the last two quarters have been in the red and could continue).
Truth is, we don't know what the breakdown looks like inside MS Entertainment. Is the 360 making money, or is it Windows for Mac, or Mobile OS, or the Zune? We simply don't know.

"While Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft all reported a fall in total profits, it was only the latter that still showed a year-on-year increase in the sale of its console."

This is where I have a problem. This is a blatant lie. Are they talking about last quarter? If they are, it's a lie because the 360 had their worst sales in 2 years. Are they talking about the fiscal year? Then that's a lie too, with Sony posting a 10% increase in PS3 sales from fiscal 2007 to fiscal 2008. Either way, this article fails, especially when you consider how easy it is to verify these facts.
crazyclown  +   2382d ago
this is one false article once again you have to look at time frame. First of all ps3's are priced at 399 and 499 and sales are still close to Microsoft. If you compare time frame to time frame SONY is winning. Take a deep breath and relax fanboy's and stop comparing who's winning.
I am Legend  +   2382d ago
"If you compare time frame to time frame SONY is winning.

Take a deep breath and relax fanboy's and stop comparing who's winning."

DonCorneo  +   2382d ago
The Wii outsold the crapbox every month this is year.
So, how the heck is the crapbox winning?

If the crapbox cannot outsell the wii at a cheaper price, how the heck can you call that winning?
user858621  +   2382d ago
and lets not 4get last wear wen ps3 was outselling the 360, then microsoft had 2 decrease it price desperately. Imagine a price-cut for ps3 :D microsoft wud start handin out 360s for free lol
Shadow Man  +   2382d ago
waseem335 -
and lets not forget the reason why the ps3 was outselling the 360 that year, because it had a $100 price drop because the 360 was outselling the ps3. Get it?
n to the b  +   2382d ago
aw snap. bubbles+ shadow man.
Sarevok  +   2382d ago
Winning what? oh boy is there a prize?!
Nelson M  +   2382d ago
The Xbox could'nt Win
An Ass Kickin Contest with a one legged stool
user858621  +   2382d ago
HAHAHAHA well said!!
presto717  +   2382d ago
JonnyBadfinger  +   2382d ago
And the PS3.
.........cant fight it way out of a wet paper bag.

Price drop cant save a console with no decent games.

the PS3 is like the licorice of lollies/candy/sweets, it only appeals to the retards.
KILL-ALL-CURE  +   2382d ago
No decent games eh?
Out right now
-Killzone 2
-Resistance 2
-Motorstorm Pacific Rift
-GT5 PRologue
-Little Big Planet
-Heavenly Sword
-MLB09 The Show
-Socom Confrontation
-Valkyria Chronicles
The games in that list that might not be considered top notch are ones such as Val Chronicles and Haze.

Yet to come
-God of War 3
-White Knight Chronicles
-The Agency
-Final Fantasy Versus
-Uncharted 2
-Final Fantasy 14

On top of both of those lists, add the amount of multiplats that are coming out this year and the next.

The Xbox 360 list
Out now
-Halo 3
-Halo Wars
-Gears 2
-Left 4 Dead(PC Also)
-Mass Effect(PC Also)
-Banjo Kazooie
-Fable 2(PC Also)
-Forza 2
-Too Human
There is 10 non ps3 games right here, although 3 of them are also on the computer with superior versions, whereas the ps3 out now games are all true ps3 exclusive, forza 2 is a dumbed down GT5 prolouge, Too Human was an epic fail, Crackdown was fun, Banjo Kazzoie is fun, Halo 3 and Gears 2 are amazing games, Halo Wars is a mockery of a strategy game, Fable 2 was extremely short.

Yet to come
-Gears 3
-Left 4 Dead 2(PC also)
-Huxley(PC Also)
-Forza 3
-Alan Wake(PC also)
-Blue Dragon(...)
-Crackdown 2
-Star Ocean

There is 10 Exclusives right there, but 3 of which are on the superior computer version, forza is a dumbed down version of Gran turismo 5, and really star ocean is (Rumour wise) not a confirmed exclusive yet. The Bigger amount of PS3 exclusives are true ps3 exclusives.

In conclusion the only thing I am trying to say is that the xbox 360 has the Halo series, and the Gears of war series, anything else is topped by a PC game or a PS3 game in other genres(Gran turismo etc.)
So no, the ps3 has alot decent games, your just a huge fanboy
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NaiNaiNai  +   2382d ago
@above, and yet everyone of those ps3 games are played for like what a week. XD rofl. go fight somewhere else. >.> not to mention how many people bought killzone 2, If i recall Halo 3 sales are still doing better then killzone 2.
All Time Greatness  +   2382d ago
Kill all cure's list = a bunch of No namers, wanna-be's and flops. hahaha
KILL-ALL-CURE  +   2382d ago
@Anime F@g and All time greatness
You honestly think that all of those games are flops? And no , i do not care about how much a game has sold, i care how good it is, unlike you bots, i play games for the Gameplay, graphics, and story, not the sales. So please stfu and go fu<k yoursefs
Arnon  +   2382d ago
You are... totally talking out of your ass. The Xbox 360 has a lot more than Gears and Halo.

Xbox 360 List:

Halo 3
Gears of War 1
Gears of War 2
Fable 2
Forza Motorsport 2
Mass Effect
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 1
Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost & Damned
Portal: Still Alive
Geometry Wars 1
Geometry Wars 2
Dead or Alive 4
Splosion Man
Viva Pinata
Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise
Halo Wars
Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation
Duke Nukem 3D
Naruto: The Broken Bond
Naruto: Rise of A Ninja
Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts
Star Ocean: The Last Hope
Lost Odyssey
Blue Dragon

Xbox 360 Games Coming:

Halo 3: ODST
Splinter Cell Conviction
Halo: Reach
Left 4 Dead 2
Forza Motorsport 3
Alan Wake
Crackdown 2
Mass Effect 2
Shadow Complex
Gears of War 3

I think you missed a couple titles, lol.
RollingOnNubz  +   2382d ago
How is being 2nd place winning?
JeffGUNZ  +   2382d ago
It is sure better than third! :) Seriously though, the Wii will finish in last, the "fad" for it is dropping and dropping quickly. I said this a year ago, I predicted by 2010 the wii will be in third. It is looking like it sure will be at the rate it's decreasing.
Citizen_King  +   2382d ago
XBox 360 is in 2nd because it had a year head start of Sony. That is the ONLY reason why.

A year head start is a very big advantage in the business world. I find it funny how all these analysts and fanboys seem to overlook that one important fact.
JeffGUNZ  +   2382d ago
No, you're wrong. Part of what you say may hold some bearings, but overall, no. Microsoft didn't release anything EARLY, they released their system when they were ready. If Sony was worried and thought that would play a role, they would have pushed to get theirs out, but they didn't. The 360 being out first is marketing strategy, it took some of the PS2 user-base away from Sony. The reason the 360 is winning is because they are always improving, whether it's the dashboard, the live experience, and getting the best games for their system. They have an outstanding library that is larger than the PS3's. One major reason is the economy. We are all in a world-wide recession and a system like PS3 is way too overpriced for the average consumer. Think about it, would you rather pay your mortgage or a PS3?! Sony was not counting on this recession to happen, but it did, and it's hurting them. The year start excuse doesn't make sense. Explain to me then, how the 360 is STILL the only console to have increasing profit for the last two years while the PS3 and the Wii are steadily decreasing. If your logic was true, than the 360, since it was out a year earlier and now a year older than the PS3, should be selling less, but it isn't, it's STILL increasing. A "head start" has really nothing to do with it. Microsoft is playing the market right. They are making the 360 not only a great system for games, but the main focal piece of electronics in the living room, for anyone of all make-ups to enjoy. They got the streaming of netflix, facebook/twitter this fall, project natal in the works, you name it, they are investing so much into this system. Sony, is not. It's a shame, I love Sony, I usually only buy Sony electronics, but the PS3 just isn't getting the love it should be. The PS3 should have been a HUGE beast this generation, but it isn't, and that's Sony's fault, not Microsoft. Stop calling people fanboys when you use the typical fanboy defense statement that "it came out a year earlier". If that is the case than it is really sad that a YEAR older system than the PS3 is still outselling and increasing in sales year after year. If you really think that a year headstart is the only reason for their success, than you are just completely blind.
Saaking  +   2382d ago
If they released it when it was "Ready" then how come it had an extremely high failure rate? MS rushed the 360 because they knew that the PS3 would destroy them. When the PS3 came out there was a 10 million lead yet now it's smaller. The PS3 is selling faster than the 360 did in the same amount of time and therefore you could say that, had MS launched at the same time as the PS3 sales would be pretty much even or in favor of the PS3. Of course, this is useless speculation since what happened happened and there's no way to find out what could have been.
JeffGUNZ  +   2382d ago
I said when Microsoft felt they were ready. They did not intend on the RROD to occur, but it did.
Apocalypse Shadow  +   2382d ago
poor article
all nintendo has to do is release multiple colors of wii.or drop it by $50 bucks.when you have that many consoles sold at a profit,and their in-house games selling by the bucketload,nintendo is just laughing at articles like this.

secondly,sony has yet to play their cards as they have stuck to their guns of $399 and pushed value.they may not be profiting a lot,but the quality is outstanding.and they are only selling 100 thousand systems less than microsoft's $199 entry priced 360 this year.also,sony is not even halfway,as both their ps1 and ps2 systems have sold for 10 and 9 1/2 years respectively.2 1/2 years for ps3 is not "half way" in 10 years of production.

thirdly,the only reason microsoft is profiting,is because of multiple buys from out of warranty 360s,or repairs of 360s that do not fall under the RROD warranty,making gamers pay to be able to play online with fellow gamers,making them pay through the nose for accessories like wifi adapters and over priced hard drives,and paying for things that wouldn't fit on a standard dvd disc with DLC.or buying failed disc players like HD-DVD(this one was easy money).

i would think that microsoft would be recession proof on poor consumer spending.good consumers wouldn't stand for price gouging or shoddy work.but then,microsoft was able to hide the systemic flaw in 360 by dodging a large bullet(lawsuits and recalls) with a 3 year warranty.

but what does that say about 360 gamers that support 360 that have allowed microsoft to do this and make money on them?

apocalypse................... ...
I am Legend  +   2382d ago
Damn....don't have a heart attack.
It's just an article.
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Sucks2BU  +   2382d ago
learn to read
That is exactly what they said about the Wii in the article belland
glennc  +   2382d ago
@ apocalypse................... ...
cry me a river

sony are doing exaxctly the same by not dropping the price but poor sony fanboys are blind. and why are they not dropping the price... because it costs too damn much to produce and they are already making a big loss on each console. any manufacturer can make a super computer, the trick is to bring it in at an affordable competitive price, after all what good is having the fastest console if no one is buying it. and while they're at it why not make it easy to program for.

what do sony fanboy rants say about sony gamers? you lot are like a bunch of angry feminist dykes at an EA game launch. why is the PS3 so important to your lives that you have to defend it constantly. are you not just happy that the PS3 is not the next gamecube, where no one was making games for it. all 3 systems are doing well enough to ensure plenty of games in the future AND THAT IS WHAT REALLY MATTERS.
Tribunal  +   2382d ago
"you lot are like a bunch of angry feminist dykes at an EA game launch"

never heard that before lol
MovieScouse007  +   2382d ago
"what good is having the fastest console if no one is buying it"
They are buying it. Millions of people have bought it! Doh!
Raf1k1  +   2382d ago
'what do sony fanboy rants say about sony gamers? you lot are like a bunch of angry feminist dykes at an EA game launch. why is the PS3 so important to your lives that you have to defend it constantly'

You do realise the same can be said about X360 fanboys.
Your little rant pretty much puts you in the same boat as PS3 fanboys as far as I'm concerned.

If you're trying to show you're any better you're doing a pretty poor job of it.
zahdab  +   2382d ago
woooooooow that changes my life !!
i always wanna play the console that sells more !!! even if it doesnt have better games thas my philosophy!! hell thas why i play games i dont care if the game i am playing is fun i just care that the console i am playing on is selling way more !!! and this article will change my life i will never turn my ps3 on ever again !! thank youuuuuu for the insights
badbond1  +   2382d ago
Understand that...
Uncharted 2 is not coming to the crapbox and this a serious problem for the botty boys. You see, you don't get to experience a great game with vision and presence like Uncharted 2. It is beyond anything you have played this year and the previous.

What are you guys playing? I haven't heard of any exclusives this summer by the crapbox?
Halo ODSt will be a short game. Don't expect much. It will not be the juggernaut of the Killzone 2 game.
Uncharted is going to stomp on L4D's corpse.
Forza 3 is going to ran off the road by Gran Turismo.
Gay Tony is going to playing with himself.
Ratchet and Clank is going to be fun for the whole family.
Trine is going to be on a whole new level of experience.
Modern warfare is not the only War game the PS3 gets to play this year -MAG!
What is left to say?

The 360 got its azz kicked in 2009 and 2010 will be an complete embarassment to Micro$oft!


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JonnyBadfinger  +   2382d ago
ODST will outsell any game on the PS3, acctually scrap that Halo Wars would have out sold every game on the PS3.

KILLZONE 2 FAILED, why cant you understand it.

Uncharted 2 has potential, but has history proves you sony fangirls dont support your console of choice. Therefore its all YOUR fault that your console FAILS!

Thats why the XBOX is winning, because its consumers SUPPORT IT. Paying for XBLIVE proves the support.

And PS Beyonce reminds me off a horses arse.... all noise and smell.... get it! cause shes........
bluegoblin  +   2382d ago
dear jonny
the only thing that people paying for online play proves is ur stupidity..and the only reason that the 360 is winning is because it had an entire year head start...
NaiNaiNai  +   2382d ago
Dear bluegoblin

A year head start and to this day the 360 is still selling better then the ps3. you would think that a system that started a year earlier would have lower sells then a system that came after. why. Because the first system already sold to a bunch of people. yet there are still more people buying 360s over ps3s to this day.

on top of that. killzone 2 was supposed to be amazing, yet halo 3 is still selling more copys.

as for XBL. if you think its stupid to pay for a service, you better stop paying your taxs, since you know. its just like XBL. something that should be free because you live in the country.
KILL-ALL-CURE  +   2382d ago
@Anime F@g
A year head start and the 360 isnt that much ahead of the ps3, and considering the ps3 has had a 1000 dollar to 400 dollar price tag in its lifespan, that it would be a very sought out and bought product, but of course, bots cant use logic or basic reasoning.
Neorafter85  +   2382d ago
I'm an Xbox 360 owner who purchased his console the night of the original release. For the first time ever it crashed last night and i have to send it in for repairs. This article may well be true, but while the Xbox 360 has had some very impressive titles over the last year or so, the PS3 has also impressed me with more recent titles like Infamous, the majority of Xbox 360 exclusive games that I love and continue to play are well over a year old now.. Mass Effect, Gears of War 2, Fable 2. I'm waiting for sequals to sequals. As soon as blu-ray picks up and replaces DVD's everyone will be getting a PS3, i know i will... then look at how the sales charts look.
badbond1  +   2382d ago
Neorafter85... yes
you are coming to you senses. Thank you for declining on becoming an botty boy. Botty boys are bad for this country! The PS3 is the only real choice for consoles! Look in this economy, free online is good. Built in wifi is good. Better exclusives are great! Nothing and I mean nothing on the crapbox (regardless of them sticking their chest out on multiplats that are inferior to ps3 exclusives) can even compare to Killzone 2 or Uncharted 2 - truth be spoken.

They are jealous and can't afford both systems. If we ran a poll right now for people who own both - a 360 and a PS3 - the overall truth would be told - The PS3 is the most stable, durable system, with lag free online - and BLLLLLUUUUUUUU RRRRRAAYYYYY!

Sorry poor azz Botty boyz - you got f*c*ed again! (With no vaseline)
Neorafter85  +   2382d ago
And i might add, my xbox 360 sounds like a 747 while its running and from my experience playing the PS3 at a friends house i can actually hear the PS3 games OVER the console noise. If Mass Effect, and Bioware developed for the PS3 I would have gotten one ages ago.
DelbertGrady  +   2382d ago
You own one? Ewww...
JonnyBigBoss  +   2382d ago
1. Price point
2. Came out sooner
The Master Chief  +   2382d ago
lol jleack
1.Still winning
2.Going to win
#26 (Edited 2382d ago ) | Agree(12) | Disagree(7) | Report | Reply
RollingOnNubz  +   2382d ago
1. Is losing in 2nd place
2. Will remain in 2nd just like it's predecessor.
The Master Chief  +   2382d ago
1.Is the number 1 HD console on the market
2.Will remain the number console on the market, like it has for 4 years straight.

1.Is beating PS3
2.Will beat PS3
RollingOnNubz  +   2382d ago
1. Why are we doing this again?
2. HD console? It's just consoles. Kinda like "console exclusive" is a BS term.
3. I got nothing. Just took a crap load of benedryll and I'm drowsy as hell.
TheBand1t  +   2382d ago
SURPRISE! You're both idiots.
The Master Chief  +   2382d ago
How do you not understand what "number 1 HD console on the market" means with Xbox 360 and PS3 being the first 2 HD consoles ever released?

Weak! Try again. :)
#26.5 (Edited 2382d ago ) | Agree(12) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
RollingOnNubz  +   2382d ago
An HD console is still a console. And we both know who is first in consoles. Spin it anyway you want, the Wii is killing both the PS3 and 360.
#26.6 (Edited 2382d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(10) | Report | Reply
GEESE  +   2382d ago
WOW! The douche that wrote this article is not driveling M$ fanboy is huh!
(sarcasm btw)
DelbertGrady  +   2382d ago
Sily crapbots1!!!

Just wait until the PS2 owners decide to buy PS3's. Then it will be all over! Or until Sony lowers the price on the PS3! 2009 - the year of the PS3! crapbox3f#ckme had a 2 year headstart so it's lead isn't real! PSN is free and much better than crappy Live! I play games, not sales!

The PS3 line-up for 2009 will destroy sh!tfixme! We have Uncharted 2!!
kingboy  +   2382d ago
No the Wii is and stop avoiding it
XboxUltimateAlliance  +   2382d ago
Xbox 360 is the main console this generation. Wii = no real 3rd party games. No resident Evil 5, no GTA get it. Xbox 360 is that main hardcore console that Playstation used to be, this generation.
RollingOnNubz  +   2382d ago

The PS2 was last gens Wii. Alot of garbage shovelware with some nice gems.

Spin it anyway you want. The Wii is trouncing both the PS3 and 360.
#29.2 (Edited 2382d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
NaiNaiNai  +   2382d ago
Funny how when you droids start to loose, you will even pull the wii in saying its better then the 360. Don't you get it, the ps3 is in last. it will never rise from its grave. if you ps3 fans wont even buy LBP, MGS4, Killzone 2, Uncharted. What makes you think the system is worth the plastic its encased in.

dont talk about CoDMW2 like that, they may boycott it. XD ROFLMAO
#29.3 (Edited 2382d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
All Time Greatness  +   2382d ago
Xbox 360 is the main console this generation and its a fact.

Every game is shown on Xbox 360 and given DLC first. Every game runs better on Xbox 360. XBox 360 is the most discussed console. Everyone knows Xbox Live is the best place to online game which is the future.

Xbox 360 is the primary console this generation and it's a fact.

Which console is the only place we've seen Modern Warfare 2 running so far? Xbox 360. 'Nuff said.
Marty8370  +   2382d ago
360 is winning jacksh#t................................
Wii is even thou it's crap.
NaiNaiNai  +   2382d ago
so whats that make the ps3. the maggets at the bottom. XD
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