Why Xbox is Winning

The figures are out, and guess who is in the green? Gameplayer analyses the latest results to come out of the big three console makers in order to show why the Xbox 360 is proving to be the most economic crisis resistant console.

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Natsu X FairyTail3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

and they keep saying ms is in danger ?
but they're the only ones who actually made positive increasing numbers this year.

holla Back.

KionicWarlord2223275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

Microsoft is the devil .

"The greatest power of Microsoft is believing they dont exist ."

lol just playing .

Eddie201013275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

The person that wrote the article is seriously misquoting numbers, While the first quarter numbers for Nintendo and Sony are correct, his numbers for Microsoft are not the correct numbers for the first quarter of 2009.

Sales from January 2009 to July 2009 for the the three consoles.


Wii = 3,746,650
Xbox 360 = 1,976,326
PS3 = 1,399,953


Wii = 7,549,993
Xbox 360 = 4,321,297
PS3 = 3,777,244

These are the numbers for the year and as you can see Microsoft is not doing that much better than Sony and if Sony is failing then Microsoft is not far behind.

Sucks2BU3275d ago

are you saying that nintendo and Sony did actually sell more consoles that the year previous, and that MS didn't. Or just coming up with random unrelated numbers?

commodore643275d ago

so, according to eddie, the ps3 is falling behind by an additional 1 million skus per year.

That's actually more than i thought!

erathaol3275d ago

Let's recap.

1 - Blu-Ray is doomed article
1 - Xbox 360 is winning article
1 - Nintendo's sales are finally slowing down from its monster success so the other two can catch up article.
1 - Xbox 360 is only slightly in the lead article
1 - PS2 outsells PS3,360, and PSP 1st half of 09 article
1 - Sony reports major losses article

We just need a rumored stolen exclusive article and it'll be another good day at N4G. Well done gentlemen.

The Fall and Winter game line-up can't come fast enough, we have to much time on our hands.

iChaos Amongus3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

Eddie that's just so far in the slowest part of the year. Does anyone remember last holiday seasons sales?

October 2008 NPD:

Xbox 360 - 371,000
PlayStation 3 - 190,000

November 2008 NPD:

Xbox 360 - 836,000
Playstation 3 - 378,000

Decemeber 2008 NPD:

Xbox 360 - 1.44 million
PS3 - 726,000

And that was just NPD. The good thing for PS3 right now is that even though it's falling farther you least not by a massive amount as of now(though being outsold by 500,000 so far in 2009 isn't exactly miniscule when you're already 8-9 million behind), but if PS3 doesn't get a price-cut by October...yea, it's going to be ugly. This isn't when everyone is looking to buy gaming consoles.

NachosWithCheese3275d ago

You just blew my mind Kionic!

Blaze9293275d ago

who cares who is winning, I think we're all pretty sure likely down the line the PS3 will rise to the top again....maybe.

But who really needs to be applauded is Microsoft this gen. Coming from the somewhat failure of a console you could say was the Xbox to the now widely popular Xbox 360 and them being in the position they are in now. The underdog came out of no where this gen and kudos to them. I think I speak for everyone when I say no one expected the 360 to be doing as well as it is now, even with all those damn system problems.

Once Upon a Fable3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

"I think we're all pretty sure likely down the line the PS3 will rise to the top again....maybe. "

haha Speak for yourself! I personally don't care if PS3 catches up in 2018, now is what matters. New consoles will be released before PS3 ever catches up, if it even does, which I don't know why people still debate at this point.

glennc3275d ago

i don't really care who is winning when it is a somewhat close race. i'll leave it up to the kiddies to do the braggin to each other. i only care if my console is trailing far far behind as that is when it affects me personally. classic example is the n64 and gamecube, they got no love from the 3rd party developers because they were not selling well, among other reasons.

all 3 are doing more than well enough to guarantee plenty of games released every year. there are no losers this time around, we are all winners.

blind-reaper3275d ago

MAN I should make an article called "Why I don't care", but no one would care (just like this article up here)

like Homer would said "NEEEEERDSSS!"

Syronicus3275d ago

Start with the title: "Why the Gamer is Winning".

This console war crap is getting pretty old.

Rampant3275d ago

Not far behind??? I thought xbox360 was 10 million units ahead.

ShabzS3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

claps for you man ... 360's success story ... so true

2Spock3275d ago

Winning is only in the eyes of the beholder............

Gamertags3275d ago

Because the price is right.

Live is the best Online component ever offered and the features are incredible.

Equally as powerful as competitor systems. Any game offered on both systems is better for the 360. All 1st party games released on the competitors system could and would run as good if not better on the 360. Simple truth.

More games!

More quality games:

More DLC!

On and On people. Simple as that.

Anon19743274d ago

Are we, as gamers, so blind that we just accept everything we read now? Did no one bother to check their data and see that what this article is reporting is blatantly false based on easily verifiable data released by all companies?

The state of game "journalism" is in a sad state indeed, and there are so many that just read what the want to read, don't give it a second thought and then take to the forums, clapping like trained seals.

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Sucks2BU3275d ago

Nintendo would sill be winning relatively. Like they may have lost 66% but that would still put them above the others because they are so far ahead. This I think is a major worry though for gamers as so many Wii games are in development and people are running from the console in droves.

All I can think of is that article Wii 2 to Cause Industry Crash (

qface643275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

i don't understand nintendos went down but they didn't loose any money they still made money just not as much as they were thinking

i was under the impression they all took hits in some way

Sucks2BU3275d ago

my understanding is the MS took a big hit from Windows Vista failing, but their Xbox side of things did well.

Immortal Kaim3275d ago

I'm really getting sick of this sh*t.

We have already seen the financial results, I'm sure we can discern what they mean for ourselves...

SlappingOysters3275d ago

I think the more analysis the better. This opened my mind to a few ideas I had not thought of it.

I think reporting the article because you think your the biggest brain in the world is also quite lame. The site did a good story and they have every right to be heard. Mope off to somewhere you want to actually be.

Immortal Kaim3275d ago

I find it funny that the editor of the site, Chris Stead (SlappingOysters), would reply to my post.

Don't take it to heart, I'm not proclaiming to be a brain. We have all seen the results, all seen various run downs of the financial earnings, I don't need another analysis with a flamebait heading.

p.s "because you think your the biggest brain", mmm...I see a mistake in there mister editor. ;)

Chris3993275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

And defending the substance (or lack thereof) of an article from your own site, is as sad as those authors who write reviews for their books on Amazon.

Let the strength of a story speak for itself. I read the article in it's entirety and it didn't present me with any new or thought provoking information. It's simply a recap of the stories that we've already heard followed by a healthy dose of speculation - with a flame-bait title to boot. This seems to be the norm in the industry nowadays, and the author has done nothing to separate himself from the herd.

He should do something creative, like write a game preview. All three consoles are established and supported enough that they aren't going anywhere. Articles like this are rather pointless and simply add to the bile that our media is drowning in.

P.S. From a grammatical standpoint the article fails in several areas as well. The prevalent over-use and misuse of "which" comes to mind.

Nomad10013275d ago

Wow this is just sad. Stop this nonsense now, this isn't news, this isn't even a blog this is just a fanboy post.
I mean his evidence is that Microsoft made less money than Nintendo but their winning? Good lord.