Rock Steady Studios: there are no plans for exclusive content for the 360 version. Sorry!

That's what Sefton Hill told eurogamer when the question was asked by a gamer. When pressed on whether the Xbox 360 will ever receive the Joker as a playable character, Sefton's reply was not encouraging either. His response:

All I can say is the PS3 version has the Exclusive playable Joker character, and there are no plans for exclusive content for any other platform.

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heihoosilver3339d ago

it´s like playing with Lex Luther on SuperMan, he has no powers, nothing. I want to play as Batman the Hero.

callahan093339d ago

What are you talking about? Do you realize that Batman doesn't have superpowers either?

PirateThom3339d ago

Plus, the Joker is a million times more interesting as a character than Batman ever was.

kissmeimgreek3339d ago

oh no! i wont get to play as the joker! whatever. i never really understood what was so amazing about running around as the joker shooting people in a game based around stealth. i hope it turns out good but i wont be buying this game for the joker conent (even though i cant). anyway it looks like a great game and if it turns out that the joker segments are a blast to play yall can be the first to say i told you so.

villevalorox3339d ago

well im buying it :) cant wait to play as the joker. and why are people making such a big deal about this? its not like xbox 360 has never got exclusive content. *cough gta! lol. :P Joker= hhhhhhahahahaahahahaha funn :P

pixelsword3339d ago

He's the only supervillian that runs around in face paint that can level a city without using superpowers.

Well him, and Hezbollah.

Hideous Kojima3338d ago


LONEWOLF2313339d ago


Whatever helps you sleep at night dude.

cr33ping_death3339d ago

yes i will be able to sleep at night knowing i can play as The Joker go to sleep and then wake up and play some more as the The Joker and hear the awsomeness that is Mark Hamill's Joker voice :) why post if you dont care about this? seriously. explain.

JimboJones3339d ago

we have Splinter Cell conviction with us so thats fine

Xwow20083339d ago

u still shocked and angry from the SC delay ain,t ya?:P

JayX6663339d ago

Damn that man for re-awakening his feelings!

KionicWarlord2223339d ago

Ubisoft can go dig a hole and jump in .

Also Activision can go help them .

Xwow20083339d ago

MS can join them u know :)

ZombieAutopsy3339d ago

First off i love the name. Secondly i dont really see how ur post has anything to do with the topic, it just seemed like you took the fact that the 360 isnt getting the dlc personally and had to bring up something else totally unrelated.

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rjgbyrne3339d ago

This sounds more like the Ghostbusters crap already pulled on consumers, lazy devs, I hope its on par with the xbox multiplat. As for the Joker, I wouldn't be bothered buying this game out of principle to these idiot Devs, I blanked loads of Xbox games too over this and I am glad PS3 is getting Bioshock and Ninja Gaiden too.

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The story is too old to be commented.