New Halo 3 screenshot

A new Halo 3 screenshot is unveiled today showing Master Chief in a new pose.

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pRo loGic II3854d ago (Edited 3854d ago )

I wan't to see the inprovments on the enimies... I hope the physics such as walking and running for both bad guy and good guy are far better than the first 2...

foss3854d ago

that looks amazing :D so much detail. don't forget that all of the graphics will look better than his when its finally released :D

da 363854d ago

compare it to the tekken 6 pics

YoJ1Mbo3853d ago (Edited 3853d ago )

Tekken looks good but its a fighting game. Think about it, you can have rockstar ping pong graphics for ping pong but not for gta atm....therefore, I imagine you couldn't have tekken 6 graphics in an fps and still keep framerates high enough to play the game. Think before you speak pls.

Fat Onion3853d ago

I agree...Halo 3 graphics look way better than tekken 6. PS3 = BS3

Gamer133854d ago

This game is a must buy - and a must pre order, and we don,t even need a review to buy this game we all now it will be a very solid game. Can,t wait