Valve wonders if the Wii could handle Left4Dead gameplay

High Voltage's The Grinder has effectively been labeled as "Left 4 Dead on the Wii," focusing as it does on co-op undead shooting action. High Voltage definitely wants to bring that kind of game to the white waggle box, but when we asked the Left 4 Dead developer how it felt about The Grinder, we were met with what can best be described as hopeful skepticism.

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Nitrowolf23307d ago

this doesnt indicate anything about the Wii handling L4D gameplay only that they wounder how connecting with friends would work on the Wii

The Matrix3307d ago

Don't know about the Wii but I'll bet the PS3 can.

Godmars2903307d ago

If Valve could do a decent coding job, which they've already said, and possibly proved, that they can't.

OmarJA3307d ago

First the PS3 now the Wii...

Looks like they'll form another development team.

joydestroy3307d ago

yeah, valve doesn't know crap about coding on the PS3. that's why they haven't jumped over to it. very stupid decision on their part when they could easily hire someone who's knowledgeable with the coding.

mastiffchild3306d ago

Is it just me or is the PR coming out of Valve the past few weeks a bit crappy? I'm sure it's accidental but they're coming across pretty badly and have probably put a few devs noses out of joint-why should they care how HVS do with The Grinder when they have little intention of releasing games on platforms with no MS dev tools/kits(which, it appears, are the only ones they wish to use).

Godmars2903306d ago

Its sad/annoying that they're hinting at making an "M" rated game for the Wii, when those games haven't sold well on the system, while turning up their nose at the PS3, which while having half the 360's install base has had titles sell equally well.

HolyOrangeCows3306d ago

Also, though, if Wii can't handle more than 10 zombies on Dead Rising, then I wouldn't touch Wii with L4D with a ten foot pole.

somekindofmike3306d ago

@ HolyOrangeCows

Left for Dead runs on the Source game engine, which is at least 5 years old, has been running on the original xbox (half life 2) so I have no doubt that Half Life 2 would run on Wii if they did a good job porting it over.

Now, i'm sure Left 4 Dead could work with maybe a few minor tweaks, hell 10% less graphical detail on zombies, for 10% more zombies, who knows... obviously it won't look as good as 360 version, but i'm sure it could be made to work, hell games worked on the PS1 just because it has less power doesn't mean it's less cable of creating a 'fun' game.

And valve's PR is poor! "I can be sitting there, watching Netflix on my 360, I see a popup saying that someone online who I know is playing Left 4 Dead, and I can go join them. How am I doing that on the Wii?" ummm, the guy with the wii is sitting there watching a dvd on a dvd player, why his phone rings and his mate says hey i'm about to play L4D wii version, you up for it? Pretty simple solution. there are plenty of other ways to communicate than xbox live, yes it makes it more convenient, but it won't break or make the game on wii,

N4g_null3306d ago

That is the one thing I like about the Wii IM is not really possible, yet if we are both playing at the same time then yes that other person will surely know if I'm online, Valve should really play the conduit they would be surprised at what it has even when certain things are not even supported system wide.

Then on top of that the conduit has really great match making and I'm sure they have that worked out. I have to ask have they played the wiiware games onslaught that does this also?

I'm guessing no. Any way they really should do their home work this has been working on the wii since say mario kart wii?

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qface643307d ago

if HVS can do it then valve would probably go back to looking into that wii version of L4D

SinnedNogara3306d ago

I hope so. If Nintendo changes the Wii Menu (to where you can see your friends) and Valve works on the system, not to mention if The Grinder does well, it will certainly be possible.

It can be made, the graphics would just be downgraded (considering how good the Source engine looks) and the gameplay was made with care, then it would be great!

PshycoNinja3307d ago

seriously, it just seems like for the past couple of weeks they have been insulting developers, as if there the freakin best. News Flash Valve, you USED to be the best. Real developers are advancing the game industry with good storys, great graphics, and a better teams of developers.

Nelson M3307d ago

The Wii could handle it no probs
And i bet it will look better on the Wii too

Natsu X FairyTail3307d ago

lmao funny comment there.

you're just showing how much of a retard you are.


cyborg69713307d ago (Edited 3307d ago )

And every comment you make shows how big of a douche you are.

Lets keep this going it's fun.

OmarJA3307d ago

I bet it will with the support of the Nunchuk...

My little brother play CoDWaW online on his Wii & the graphics looks even better then this pos.

user39158003306d ago

BE honest the wii, nor the PS3 could handle it if done right.

Only 360 and PC are able to capture frame rates and visuals the way the game was meant to be.

Lets not mess up the game by transferring it to the gamecube 2 and a shame to have it on PS3 flopstation (Nelson M said that).

Alcon Caper3306d ago

Whenever Nelson M posts hate, give him negative bubbles. TIA!

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