PSLS: NCAA Football 10 Review

PSLS writes: "With that little amount of time left, as well as the score difference, I knew I had to go for the endzone. So I dropped back with Colt McCoy and all three of my receivers were completely covered; the only shot I had was my Tight End, Blaine Irby. So I lofted the pass downfield trying to get it over the linebacker and safety who were covering him. Sure enough, Irby caught it and had enough room to drag his foot after running his post route. By this time I'm standing up in front of my TV grinning ear to ear over what had just occurred. Not many sports games can elevate your heart rate based on excitement and atmosphere alone, NCAA Football 10 is the game that can. It is the perfect college football title, and the best one I have ever played".

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dopeboimagic923124d ago

Is it worth upgrading? Or should I save it for Madden :P

BigPete79783124d ago

Well I buy both every year. It really depends what you want. Do you enjoy College or Pro ball more? I like the college games a bit more just on atmosphere alone, and this game has it. Don't get me wrong though, when I played Madden at E3 this year it seemed they fixed a lot of stuff that needed to be fixed a long time. So in short I say get both, but that's just me.

Lifewish3124d ago

never did like college football games but thanks for the review