GameShark: Monster Hunter Freedom Unite Review

GameShark writes: "Overall, Monster Hunter Freedom Unite is an entertaining game, and definitely well worth the price tag – around $30 for 500+ hours of gameplay. It is graphically attractive, although often audibly irritating, and engrossing. You get to fight alongside a cat who throws bombs. In other words, it has all the elements of a great game – so check it out, and start experiencing the thrill of the hunt".

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Myst3339d ago

I wonder, did the reviewer have to go and get the Heavenly scales from various monsters? Heavenly Rathalos, Rathian, Naruga, Tigrex, Basarios, etc. ones. Only then will people know the pains and sometimes joy that monster hunter brings :p. It prolongs the game trying to get one of them and having to need quite a few (as well as BigEDragonJewels) but at the cost of fighting the same monster over 50 times it does become a pain. Either way I agree and definitely worth the purchase.

*Gets up and walks off to finish off the weakened Fatalis*