Spawn Kill: Do You Remember Legend of Dragoon?

K-Tuck of Spawn Kill reminds the world that Legend of Dragoon was totally sweet.

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samura3342d ago

Legend of Dragoon deserves a sequel or a fresh RPG with some of its elements.

Jaces3342d ago

I still have it. :D

Although it really doesn't do much for me seeing how I'm still missing the 4 disc. XD

no_more_heroes3342d ago

I wholeheartedly agree. I loved the combat system. It was the only turn based RPG that I actually liked. Never got to play the final boss though, because the game would freeze every time I tried to go fight him.

Sony, the announcement of a remake of this would make me DESPERATELY want a ps3 now, instead of just contemplating buying one at current price.

Admiral_Benson3342d ago

A little off topic i know but Bubbles for the Avatar, nice to see a fellow Gunner on N4G!

-EvoAnubis-3342d ago

I want to see this game on PSN. I'm actually kinda shocked it's not already.

BlackIceJoe3342d ago

Yes I do and I so would want SCEA to make a sequel. This is one awesome game that would sell really well if given the chance for a sequel. I also would like to see a remake of the game for the PSP. If there can't be another I would like to see how the game holds up if it comes out on PSN.

Claudinho693342d ago

wow i had just put legend dragoon as my number 3 rpg of all time on a site

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The story is too old to be commented.