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knox3129d ago

i wonder why the ds lite went up and the dsi went down.....anyway i wanna see next weeks numbers since mh3 is coming out

GiantEnemyCrab3129d ago

Yikes been a few weeks of sub 5k for the 360.. Reminds me of the old Xbox. MS need a new Japan team.

knox3129d ago

yea the last few weeks have been either a little above 5k or lower around 3k

raztad3129d ago

Wasnt MH3 out in Japan already? If so, it seems it hadnt any impact on Wii sales. It's kinda weird. I was expecting a more significant bump in sales, perhaps the Japanesse market is indeed saturated.

PS3 is not doing very hot, I guess it needs some Final Fantasy to gain a good momentum :D

LordMarius3129d ago

those will be some numbers worth seeing

knox3129d ago

i thin mh3 comes out saturday

PS360WII3128d ago

Yeah next week we will see if MH3 has some impact. Other than that standard numbers all around.

The_Beast3129d ago (Edited 3129d ago )

so it doesn't count.

no matter what sales more then what it doesn't count.

right bots?

rukia_chan3128d ago

PS2 - 3,305
Xbox 360 - 3,080