Blu-ray And Its Future In Gaming

zConnection's Connor Beaton writes: "Has the gaming industry really embraced Blu-ray Disc? "Sure it has", some of you might respond. "After all, the PS3 uses the format for loads of things, right?" Right, but in that statement, you've actually mentioned the prime factor for why the gaming industry hasn't embraced the HD storage format."

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lociefer3272d ago

another ps3 related doom ? awesome , and here i was worried the apocalypse was upon us / sarcasm

Blaze9293272d ago (Edited 3272d ago )

Well until the other companies ditch the DVD format we really won't be seeing any benefit moving the game industry along unless it's a PS3 exclusive and even at that not all ps3 games even use blu-ray to its advantage. Infamous was what, 7GB?

Now next gen if all the consoles use blu-ray there will definitely be a huge benefit across all titles but right now multi-plats will continue to lack becuase of the 360 still using DVD and developers cant spend extra time money and effort on the ps3 and it's advantages when you have two other systems lacking that disc so they will continue to ignore it and use it for lackluster benefits like EA does with adding demos on the disc.

It just all depends really on the competition and what they do in the..."FUUUUUTUUUUURRRRRE EEE"

umair_s513272d ago (Edited 3272d ago )

So what's new, some clown on the internet thinks Bluray will die quick.

Darkeyes3272d ago

"In conclusion, hard drives, digital distribution and the recession are going to remove Blu-ray from the gaming industry in barely more than a few years. I’m not an analyst and I’m not a fortune teller, but my mental crystal ball is telling me that things aren’t looking well for Blu-ray games."...

Another one of the BLU RAY IS DOOMED articles.... Boy isn't bashing this really getting old... If it sucked so much, why the hell would people buy it.. As long as the PS3 will be in the market, Blu-Ray will be there.... And as more PS3's get sold, Blu-Ray awareness increases....

Just reading the last para shows how ridiculously stupid fanboy arguments could get...

"I’m not an analyst and I’m not a fortune teller"... Thank God Jackass you aren't an analyst... You would be siting right next to pachter.

shadow27973271d ago

Forward thinking really isn't a strong suit for the internet, is it? Okay, let's think next gen. The average internet connection will be faster. A current game on 360 is around 8 Gb max. And besides better audio, there really isn't much of a difference between those games and PS3 games in either length or texture quality. This is most likely due to Blu-ray's slow reading speed. In the future, 8 Gb's won't take long to download right? So digital distribution is the way to go, right? No.

While the average internet connection may be faster, and there will be new compression algorithms and the like, the average game will also take up more space. Exponentially more space. No one wants to download a 50 Gb game. And that's just a single layer Blu-ray. Now think dual and triple layered Blu-rays with fast read speeds.

I don't think Blu-ray as a gaming format is going anywhere. At least it logically shouldn't. Not on Sony hardware anyway.

TechWiz3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

Connor Beaton knows nothing about the history of computers. It took a along time for the PC gaming to adopt DVD. It was cheaper to put on multiple CD then DVD. Which is the same thing now it's cheaper to put on DVD then Blu-Ray. When the price comes down and the market is flooded with Blu-Ray the PC gaming industry will switch. Also the globe market on internet speed has a long way to go. Downloading 50 gigs plus takes a long time.

DeadlyFire3271d ago

Why hasn't PC embraced it? Hmm.... Could it be that digital downloads are on the rise in PC market and well 50 Gb or more games would kinda hinder that progress. I say Blu-Ray becomes the norm for PC games much the way that DVD-Rom had its slow crawl into PC market. Give it 5 to 10 years before you will see games supporting it. One reason being that Bandwidth is to increase greatly in the next 10 years across the globe. Many countries have plans for complete overhaul to get up to 50 Mbps or more in the next 6-10 years.

darthv723271d ago

It really depends on how many other devices can benefit from the format. The next logical choice would be PC's. Problem there is that the drives arent included in every PC as of yet. There are some makers that include them only in their top of the line machines. Dell needs to be the one to make the drive standard in all their sub level machines and you will get the likes of HP and others to do the same.

Once more and more pc manufacturers have the format as a standard at no additional cost to the user then you will see more pc game developers start to use the capacity. Till then the only thing benefiting from blu is ps3. At least DVD was used in ps2, xbox, wii, 360, pc.

Blu is good for movies but games I just don't know.

NewNameNow3269d ago

50GB is Dual-Layer as far as I know

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umair_s513272d ago

Doomed I tell you...not only Bluray, but PS3 as well, and Sony too..All Doomed. Only Microsoft will be the King, and the 360 will live for ever. All hail Microsoft

Myst3272d ago

To me I don't believe blu-ray is done, I still see it as a viable medium. The capacity of it is quite good for games at least, though I haven't watched a blu-ray movie in forever so I won't comment on the movie side of it.

Even though I can kind of see where they author is coming from I'd still say Digital distribution is only good if you have A. the hard drive space, and B. the game is not the big. One point I like to always make about it is the PSP Go. Digital Distribution works well for it because the games aren't that heavy. PS3, 360 and a few Wii games (I think?) would not work out as some may have planned. Especially if their are times when one's internet may be down or as slow as molasses.

Long rant short, I'd say each has it's place that can easily coexist it's just that they would have to be used properly to be beneficial to each side. Their is no reason to go fully digital when their are still those on slow connections, capped download rates (talking of those in Australia who I believe are still getting royally screwed over) and problems with Internet Service providers (such as myself to which my connection seems to always drop in the dead of night when I like to game a lot.)

umair_s513272d ago

Absolutely, imagine downloading Hideo's next PS3 exclusive, like a 100 GB game, not happening this Gen. Definitely possibility for next gen thought.

Myst3272d ago

That's one of the reasons why I would detest digital downloads, especially if I.S.P's start to make it so that they can cap how much you download. Though I agree, definitely something I can see perhaps next gen If and only if done right and technology continues to advance.

Otherwise we may just very well see DVD slowly being pushed aside for everything to become blu-ray. Either way it's pretty fun to watch and speculate at times.

Atomic3272d ago (Edited 3272d ago )

third parties will never achieve the graphical fidelity of exclusives if they persist on not taking advantage of the perks that blu-ray offers.

Nitrowolf23272d ago

when will the media learn. i find it funny as soon as BR won the format war these article showed up.

raztad3272d ago

BluRay is such a fail that even Halo Legends Comic is only on dvd ... oh wait

Those BD is doomed "analysis" that sound like just wishes, are getting ridiculous. Gaming industry is already suffering cause the limited DVD space offered by xbox360, but anyway BD is here to stay, and PS3 games are using/will continue using it for good. Uncompressed textures streaming/uncompressed audio, and everything just right from the disc. That is why we can get KZ2's/UC2's/R&c:ACiT/GoW3 and the list continue. Inclusion of BD on PS3 is paying off big time.

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