BioShock Now Only $12

If you own a decent gaming computer and still haven't played BioShock, GamersGate is giving you a chance to redeem yourself. The digital game shop is offering the underwater dystopia shooter for a mere $11.98.

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umair_s513340d ago

I am buying the PS3 version for $20, I think its a good buy, right?

thebudgetgamer3340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

i bought it a few weeks ago for about $24. great game i cant wait for part two to be cheap.


ravenl0rd3340d ago

Indeed, Joker Claus. Ha Ho HA HO.

JonnyBigBoss3340d ago

Ugh, I don't feel like playing single-player on my PC. Please make the PS3 version $12, then I'll get it.