Need For Speed Shift: Driver's Experience Teaser Trailer

Jason Evangelho writes:

"Shift is the newest entry in the long-running Need For Speed racing franchise, and after the general disinterest critics and fans alike expressed with NFS: Undercover, EA and developer Slightly Mad have been displaying an energetic effort in rebooting the franchise.

"Shift" in this respect clearly has a double meaning, as this iteration endeavors to put more emphasis on the emotion and intensity of driving, and less on the cars themselves. Early comparisons to Race Driver: Grid would not be off the mark. Still, with 65 cars and 18 distinct racetracks (combining real-world locations with imaginative fictional tracks), as well as what appears to be a blindingly realistic sense of speed, I'm hoping Shift contributes towards NFS being a relevant series once again.

Today, EA released a "Driver's Experience" trailer, which has obviously been produced to illustrate Shift's focus on the personal connection behind the wheel."

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shadowdancer3276d ago

Haven't we already played this game? :-)

killyourfm3276d ago

I took his comment as meaning that the particular story angle (as well as some of the gameplay mechanics) look to "borrow" from GRID just a bit.

And yea, I've played NFS since the original on (wait for it) 3DO!

JOLLY13276d ago

oh my goodness...grey, you're still worried that Forza and NFS will beat out gt? You really need to get something for that inferiority complex.