1up Review Calling All Cars

To really enjoy Calling All Cars, you need to park your ego at the door.

Skills don't mean a whole lot in this manic affair. From the time you secure a criminal to actually turning him in for the bounty, you could have endured multiple rammings, rocket explosions, and hammer blasts to the trunk while gaining, and then losing, possession of your prize 10 or 20 (or even 30) times. It's a chaotic successor to the likes of R.C. Pro-Am and Super Off Road that's easy on the wallet, and it's also among the best examples of how the concept of downloadable content should be used.

But that's not to say that there's no strategy involved...quite the contrary. At its core, CAC is really a sports game -- a game of possession -- and earlier marketing analogies to NBA Jam prove mostly correct.

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Sevir044016d ago

david jaffe needs to hurry up. after playing blast factor and Flow i'm left wanting more from a download able game, and with this game causing such a ruckus with it's positive reviews i just want to hope on line and get playing with some of my buddies online.. and maybe even my folks at home.. hurry up David hurry up.

XxZxX4016d ago

May 4th, Are you guys ready?