Celebrate the Past with Ken Kutaragi's Greatest Hits

Completely ignoring the industry-defining accomplishments former Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Ken Kutaragi made while shaping the PlayStation brand, he was also the most consistent source for mind-altering quotes. You didn't understand what he was saying most of the time -- if you've ever watched him give a speech, you know what that means -- but you never really cared. He's just that hypnotic.

To celebrate Kutaragi's departure from SCE (and from gaming, as it unfortunately seems), 1up are ready to take a look back at Ken Kutaragi's Greatest Hits, the quotes that defined the "father of the PlayStation."

Plus, 1up debunk two popular Kutaragi quotes, though they desperately wish he actually said them.

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kingofps34014d ago

Ok, this article is just lame and out of place (meaning disrespectful timing).

bootsielon4013d ago

Personally, even when he was so exaggerated and even ridiculous, you gotta love the man and his quotes. He is most likely a misunderstood genius.

calderra4013d ago

Lots of PS fans are trying to enshrine Kutaragi like some kind of god. The moment he was transferred to Cellius, articles like the Newsweek report about the problems Kutaragi was causing internally started to come out.

Yes, he was critical to Playstation- While he was an engineer.

He was never meant to be a CEO. His reign at Corporate basically leads directly from Sony as the Playstation company (and yes, he basically did build the original Playstation) to selling off billions of dollars in stock and initiating global firings trying to tighten up finances this month.

If you're willing to ignore the latter part of his career, yes he was an honorable and important man. And I hate to bring up the example, but there once was was this guy in Germany who built the nation up by hand and made it a world super-power... no, I'm not comparing the two. The point is that your legacy is a lot more important than your early works, and Kutaragi is leaving a terribly legacy.

Engineer Kutaragi did indeed build the Playstation brand.
CEO Kutaragi was an embarrasment.

Here's a couple more:
"People will work a second job to purchase PS3."
"PS3 will bring discipline to our nation."

bootsielon4013d ago (Edited 4013d ago )

Wrong: "People will work a second job to purchase PS3."

Right: "PS3 is for consumers to think to themselves 'I will work more hours to buy one (PS3)'. We want people to feel that they want it, irrespective of anything else."

Wrong: "PS3 will bring discipline to our nation."

Right: "The PS3 will instill discipline in our children and adults alike. Everyone will know discipline."

Then again the last one is said to be fake.


techie4013d ago (Edited 4013d ago )

That's bull. He is leaving a wondreful legacy and that legacy is his products. He's an engineer. You'll see when cell takes's his brain child.

Without Kutaragi the gaming industry would be stale and would stay very constant for too long...without any movement. Consoles that are safe and traditional would be the norm.

HandShandy4013d ago

There are some cynical remarks here.

Don't worry though, I understand - if you own a product thats as badly made and designed as the Xbox360 you would be pretty cynical aswell. At least Kutaragi there was ideas/inspiration in amongst his madness - all the Microsoft customers have is a cheesy bald guy with a beard (Peter Moore) who patronises the gaming industry with his silly remarks and hollow statements.

Kutaragi is great, why is the PS3 somehow a "disaster" It's a fantastic product - it's better than anything on the shelf! Pricing and software will straighten out in time LIKE anyother console has done. In the mean time though people can keep wasting money on Wii's and HD-DVD add on drives.

Don't compare Kutaragi to Hitler either, at least Kutaragi didn't try to conquer the world... *Cough* *Cough* Micro$oft.

snoop_dizzle4013d ago


I think, and correct me if I'm wrong, um thats kinda important, but then again i've been wrong before.


He did do a lot for sony, but they probably should have let him speak so much. I mean he did say some crazy stuff, but if he worked behind the scenes on the PS3, he prob wouldn't be fired.

I mean like its not like Sony did good because of his speeches, it was because he was an engineer, and he had a dream(s).

nix4013d ago

the whole of gaming industry owes him a gratitude!

so let us all say, "thanks!"