TMNT: Turtles in Time Re-Priced


The second Xbox Live Summer of Arcade continues next week with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time Re-Shelled. It's one of the most anticipated games in the lineup, but some of us have raised an eyebrow over the $15 price tag. The original TMNT arcade game is available on Xbox Live Arcade for $5.

Well, looks like Microsoft and Turtles in Time's publisher Ubisoft have had a change of heart at the last minute and just told IGN they're dropping the price to $10. This is great news for people who only make $10 an hour: they just got out of a half hour of work!

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Trollimite3304d ago

isnt this on the psn aswell? im pretty sure it is but this article makes it seem exclusive. can someone please clarify

lord_of_balrogs3304d ago

As of this moment Turtles in Time is a 360 exclusive but could possibly come to PSN in the future.

DasBunker3304d ago

its a timed exclusive.. itll come out on psn at a later date..

i was thinking of getting this, but when i heard castle crashers was coming to psn i had to change my mind :)

Dark_Vendetta3303d ago

It's exclusive for 30 days

(source: german xbox360 newsletter, I can post pics if you don't believe me)

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Ninji3304d ago

It's still not worth the price. Drop it down to $5 like it should be then I would at least consider it. If it doesn't drop down to $5 after the beta is over then it's best to just get it through gamesharing or get the superior SNES version.

-MD-3304d ago

Man this timed exclusive thing is really making you guys jealous huh?

Etseix3304d ago

dude i had ti for SNES dam, this game was.. awsome.. still , not willing to pay that for the game.. dunno why, i might want to play smthign different with that money instead a re-make of the same game

same with Marvel vs Capcom 2, i have it on ps2 so i wont buy it again :] (yea i have ps3 with BW compatibility ;])

Alex_Mexico3303d ago

Its not fanboyism, I think this man has a point: this remake is based on the inferior and shorter Arcade version. The SNES game had extra bosses (like Rat King and the awesom-er Super Shredder) and the entire Technodrome level brand new which this remake won't have.

Except for the music quality and the 4 player simultaneous, the SNES TMNT blew out of the water its Arcade counterpart. So Im not too happy about getting the shorter of the two as a remake. But now as a $10 dollar game I cant complain that much.

Blaze9293304d ago

They knew damn well it wasn't worth no 1200MSP

Grandreaper99993304d ago

Turtles in time was a great game... First time I threw a foot soldier into the screen my brain melted from awesomeness.

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