Sorry, Microsoft Will Not "Own 30% Of The Search Market"

Business Week writes:

"Now that the Yahoo deal is finally done, many observers seem to think Microsoft's new search business will be just like Google's--only a bit smaller. Specifically, they think that Google has 65% of the market and Microsoft will have 30%, so Microsoft's search business will basically be half the size of Google's. It won't.

Microsoft won't own 30% of the value of the US search market after the Yahoo deal. It will process 30% of queries, but it will only generate about 13% of the revenue (more like 10%, using real-world revenue-per-search stats). It will also likely still be losing money. A lot of money."

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RememberThe3573129d ago

Microsoft would not have made the deal if it wouldn't benefit them. There is obviously more to this them just the numbers present today. They made this deal to secure a stronger place in the future of internet search. Key word being, future. The author is using today's numbers to judge what an out come years away is going to be. Seems narrow minded to me.

A_Little_Girl3129d ago

please, someone needs to burn microsoft down, they are going out of control

crazy250003129d ago

What happens when there's a monopoly?
Why should they make the experience better for us without competition?

Google is nice, but when it becomes a concrete monopoly, it will do whatever it takes to make more money and higher profit margins....