Analyst: New Wii Bundle Possible "In the Next Several Weeks"

Citing slumping first quarter Wii sales, Wedbush Morgan Securities analyst Michael Pachter believes that Nintendo will be readying a new Wii bundle in order to invigorate sales.

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knox3303d ago

not sure about this happening, wii sales arent like they were but theyre doing better than other consoles right now

dannyhinote_133303d ago

True, but from a business perspective...if Nintendo is projecting a certain sales target and then misses it (which, at their current rate of sales, they definitely will)...the stock market will murder them for it.

heroicjanitor3303d ago

And I predict that in the next few weeks a new ps3 or 360 bundle will emerge.

Also this is discerning

"Pachter said that he believed that if Nintendo did drop the Wii below $200, it is possible that they would remove Wii Sports from the system and offer the Wii standalone."

They are determined to keep squeezing every penny from it huh? Even if they drop the price they will take something out...

UnSelf3302d ago

They should Patch Michaels mouth shut cuz this guy is neva right

za3redrum3302d ago

Indeed, he always predicts 100 things, and 10 of them are true. Damn, i hate analysts. Haven't they anything better to do.

Samus HD3302d ago

wii sales will be UP if they release Wii HD