UFC 2009 Undisputed Patch is Released!

Neven Dravinski, UFC Producer: "The Patch for UFC 2009 Undisputed has been released on the Xbox 360 World Wide and the PS3 for Europe. The Patch is currently in submission with Sony America and we expect to release it very soon. As the Xbox and Sony Europe updates were available sooner than expected we made the decision to get the Patch out to the public rather than sit on them. Stay on the lookout for updates regarding the Patch release for Sony America."

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HeartlesskizZ3246d ago

Just a reminder of what is included in the update:

1. Online matches will better support issues with users who leave a match. The game will now detect users who disconnect and will assign a “Loss,” as well as a “Did Not Finish (DNF),” to that player. The DNF is only assigned to the player who executes the disconnection. The DNF rate will be displayed on the fighter selection screen of the “Online Ranked Match.” When disconnected, the “Winning Streak” is also reset to zero.
2. Ranked Matches have been adjusted to match players with better connections.
3. The difficulty of performing submissions against computer opponents has been adjusted to improve the balance of submissions vs. striking.
4. The Flash Knockouts rate has been adjusted so they are less frequent.
5. The maximum number of points awarded in online play has been increased from 99,999 to 999,999. The “Max Level” has also been increased from 100 to 200.
6. The “Winning Streak” bonus maximum has been moved from 5 to 3.
7. Decimal places on the “Leader Board Winning Percentage” have been changed so that only whole percentages are shown.
8. Create-a-Fighter (CAF) issues have been addressed so that the skill levels in CAF cannot be cheated and increased. Also, any CAF with unfair point values will no longer be able to be used online.
9. For PLAYSTATION 3 system users, game freezes during auto-saves have been eliminated. The controller used to “Press Start” on the title screen will be identified as the main controller.

godcrusher3246d ago

I have not played online in almost 2 months. I will give it a try again when this gets released on ps3.