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Fat Princess Multiplayer Issue

It seems that Fat Princess has been faced with the same horrors that affect a lot of day 1 releases on PSN. Many have reported the inability to connect online to games. Hopefully more information will be available about this in the near future. Let's hope that this will find a quick fix. (Fat Princess, PS3)

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ThatCanadianGuy  +   1977d ago
Where's the source of info that suggest's an issue?
No problem on my end.All my friends are in my game too.
No issue with them...
jwatt  +   1977d ago
Wait the game is out now?

Edit: never mind I just downloaded it.
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Greywulf  +   1977d ago
This is the entire "article" ?
Fat Princess Multiplayer Issues.
PostDateIcon July 30th, 2009 | PostAuthorIcon Author: Evan Velez

It seems that Fat Princess has been faced with the same problems that affect a lot of day 1 releases on PSN. Many have reported the inability to connect online to games. This problem is most likely attributed to not having enough servers online initially. Let’s hope that this will find a quick fix.
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I mean really? This is no different than a forum post.
OgTheClever  +   1977d ago
I can only speak from personal experience but I tried the matchmaking dozens of times today, yet every single attempt ended with a message saying I was unable to connect to the host. The single online game I played was entered via a friend, where the lag ranged from just about bearable to unplayable.

I really hope these issues are temporary because the single player games have been amazing, aside from the dumb AI, and the gladiator mode is so much fun.
Genesis5  +   1977d ago
I find it amusing that some people just can't wait to attack Sony products. A game that has been out a couple of hours having some minor server issues from overcrowding.

Funny that nobody has been complaining at the official Playstation blog.
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ultimolu  +   1977d ago
Lol, this game is fun.
Cenobia  +   1977d ago
Sony IT Guy:
Well..I wonder what the problem could be he...

Johnny Rotten  +   1977d ago
^^^ LOL ^^^

she's a lady who loves the ping, not the bling!
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darkride66  +   1977d ago
Forum posts are considered a newsworth source now?
When did this happen?
RAAAAAGE  +   1977d ago
Ya there's issues with hosts dropping mid game, and not being able to find another one. Bots online are lame. Not being able to host a match against 32 is lame. Says I can only host 12 players which is bullshit.
The_Beast  +   1977d ago
Oh dear god
lmao im effin playing it right now
Mozilla89  +   1977d ago
I would buy this game..
but I'm not sure if its worth the $15 and I bought BF 1943 recently... I wish there was a demo.
Lifendz  +   1977d ago
I've been trying to get online and the clock just keeps spinning
Cable modem and no problems with any other game. Just a day one bug. Oh well, back to "playing with myself" mode. How is it online?

Edit: Was able to play online through join a friend. For some reason I was having trouble getting in on my own. Fun game though.
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guitarded77  +   1977d ago
5, 6, 7...
I try to join a game 5 or 6 time and give up and play something. It is fun once your in a game, just don't take a break. Hope they have it together soon, this is a great game.
REALgamer  +   1976d ago
Bad Xbox fans attack any issue Sony has, bad PlayStation fans attack any issue Microsoft has. Please don't spin it like only Sony ever gets negative article comments.

Eg: It was just the other day that there was the article about Activision banning CoD hackers on Xbox Live which drew many negative comments about the number of cheaters on 360 compared to PS3.

Seriously, there are lots of anti-Sony people and lots of anti-Microsoft people on N4G. No-one can play the victim here.
Apocwhen  +   1976d ago
lol, that's ironic. Didn't see that article but since yesterday COD4 has been overrun with hackers online for the PS3...ruining the game for everyone.
Tomarcus  +   1977d ago
Link added to story on the site. Sorry about that. Will hopefully get an answer soon.
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Ethereal21  +   1977d ago
So is it really good? staring at the download screen....
wiggles  +   1977d ago
I'm enjoying it...the matches are a little long would be my only complaint...I must have spent 45 mins during a essentially stale mate match and the host quit. But it's pretty fun, and I'm sure the game will move faster once everyone gets used to their class of choice and such.

I haven't had the problem that this article says....the only nit-pick I would have would be at times it feels laggy...but it is very minimal...not enough to break the game...but it's enough to notice...I'm sure it will be fixed with the patch that is effecting the other players apparently.
-EvoAnubis-  +   1977d ago
From what I've been seeing, this isn't a case of the "same horrors that affect PSN releases." It's the same issues that happened with BF1943; not enough servers to meet demand. Most people I've talked to have very few issues, actually; there just seems to be a vocal minority.
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JonnyBigBoss  +   1977d ago
Exactly what I was thinking. Since when has there been an online issue with new PSN games? Also, I played BF1943 on the day of release and recall 0 problems with matchmaking. I believe it was only an issue on the Xbox 360 counterpart.
LazyDevs  +   1976d ago
Man, you can not make a single comment without mouthing off about the 360. Actually i played 1943 day one, most of the day on my 360 with 0 problems. I was having squad issues which i still am to this day. But try going to battlefield website and you will see it was not just the 360 having issues. Your comments day in and day out have the lack of intelligence and research you so blindly type.
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ryuzu  +   1977d ago
Um, why comment on PSN only?
What about the BF'43 on Xbox live, or the Gears issues - or the lack of live a couple of Christmasses ago?

Or L4D on Xbox and PC, or Demigod or... well you get the picture.

Hardly spsecific to PSN is it? Fanboy bloggin' ftl.

Tomarcus  +   1977d ago
No fanboyism, it is just reported by many that the PSN has many more issues than the XBLA market place. Gunstar Heroes on PSN had broken online as well, there have been quite a few cases.
ryuzu  +   1977d ago
Um - are you seriously trying to say that PSN has some kind of general problem compared to other online services?

Can't be - that would be ridiculous, and demonstrate such a dire lack of knowledge of online gaming that I wouldn't bother responding!


EDIT : Oh wait, are you the person who wrote this blog entry? Well, maybe that explains both the entry and your comment.
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-EvoAnubis-  +   1977d ago
Tomarcus, please. I've checked both your links, and in each there was maybe 5 people that had issues, perhaps as many as 6 or 7. A drop in the bucket compared to the people that are playing the game and having a absolute blast.

If I were to simply go by this article, however, I'd think there was another SOCOM/GeOW2 incident.

It's absurd. I'm tempted to report it.
GiantEnemyCrab  +   1977d ago
Every one of those was reported on N4G and every one was turned into an anti-XBL flamefest. You want some links?

Please don't try and shovel the BS that we ignore problems with everybody but the PS3. That is not true. Deflect!
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jmare  +   1977d ago
@ crab
I don't think he meant that there weren't any calls of bullshit on those games, just that the article is retarded for implying that it's only PSN that these issues. Or maybe he is, who knows? I personally think this whole article is retarded, you expect an online game to have some issues, especially this generation. I don't think very many, if any, games have come out in the last few years that didn't have some fvck up at launch that needed to be fixed.
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rockleex  +   1977d ago
Crab's completely missing the point.
JonnyBigBoss  +   1977d ago
Reported? Reported where? What about XBL going down for several days during the holidays last year and people demanding a refund, but getting a cheap free game instead? I have had my PS3 since Holiday 2007 and have had 0 issues with PSN. The only issues I've ever seen are with occasional problems with new firmware. Where is your source? Random posts on GameFAQ? Seriously, this isn't journalism, this is nonsense.
LazyDevs  +   1976d ago
You guys can bicker back and forth and it won't solve a single problem. I have both systems and i know which one performs better online for me. So i could really care less what anyone else says or thinks. And maybe if you stuck to the actual comments instead of going off topic you would have more than one leg to stand on.
Tomarcus  +   1977d ago
The post is related to a PSN release, I never said only PSN has issues with online. Posting that all online services have hiccups would be unnecessary.
-EvoAnubis-  +   1977d ago
True. However, using this game as an example when you really have no proof of major issues (20 or so out of thousands does not a major issue make) does raise some questions for me.

Again, I'm tempted to report this story.

Edit: *laughs* You've lost 2 bubbles since posting this "story." Interesting.
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Godmars290  +   1977d ago
Its not like 1943 on XBL isn't recent.
RAAAAAGE  +   1977d ago
Ya I have an issue with hosts dropping, and then the game not letting me connect with a new one, so yes there are issues.
tda-danny  +   1977d ago
I downloaded it
And played 4 games right after I got off work. No issues at all cept a few minor lag hiccups.

Great game.
SmokeyMcBear  +   1977d ago
how in the world do these things get approved.. christ... just reaks of fanboyism. Dont give the guy hits
Tomarcus  +   1977d ago
For the record, I only own a PS3.
thedukeofkna  +   1977d ago
I was having trouble connect to a game when i first booted it up, but now everything is running fine. Maybe they had trouble with everyone trying to connect at once?

Regardless, it works now, and the game is a blast!
wiggles  +   1977d ago
God, I love this game...it's a little hectic, but I'm sure once everyone settles into their favorite class things will run smoother. But I haven't had any connection problems just some minor lag but thats to be expected on opening night.
ipwnall  +   1977d ago
What the hell?
I just played 10 different games and noticed no lag, nor any problems connecting. This game= DGOTY. My friends also noticed no problems.
starvinbull  +   1976d ago
Bought the game at 18:00 yesterday and haven't been able to get a single game going.
Clocked it in single player then went back to get an online game going... still no luck.
Woke up this morning tried to get a game going... still not working.
If this were a physical release I'd have taken it back by now and demanded a refund.
ediddy999  +   1977d ago
Fail Princess
Since I am a paying customer and have yet to play an online game I choose to complain about the connectivity issues. I know that it may be day one issues, but my money is gone and I'm not having fun yet. Once the game is functional for me I'll settle down, but until then, fail princess to me. Thank goodness I bought shatter today!
thedukeofkna  +   1977d ago
untwist those panties
Wow buddy, take a deep breath. I had trouble the first couple of games, but everything is smooth now. Try again perhaps?
ediddy999  +   1977d ago
When I can play it I'll be it's number one cheerleader, but I have to make sure that people who haven't bought it yet may want to know some of the frustrations they may encounter.
San Frandisco  +   1977d ago
Ediddy= EPIC FAIL! wut a retard .
ediddy999  +   1977d ago
Your Cake and Eat it too
Hey I follow products blindly like everyone else . . . hmm yep I'm a retard. Fat Princess is the best game I've never played.

Related image(s)
thedukeofkna  +   1977d ago
That's fine and dandy, but to call the game 'fail princess' is a little ridiculous. Especially coming from the games #1 cheerleader. I had trouble 'jumping in' to a game, but the 'find a game' feature works every time.
ediddy999  +   1977d ago
Fine and Dandy
Well then I wish I was you!
Raf1k1  +   1977d ago
So Fat Princess fails simply because you have connection issues?

People get connection issues all the time (this kind of issue is also why I think C&C4 requiring an online connection and Starcraft2's lack of LAN are such bad ideas).
You can't judge a game when you as you said 'have yet to play an online game'.

Sure you can complain (and I can sympathise with you) since you've paid for something you can't make use of but in such situations a little patience is never a bad thing. There isn't much you can do unless it's a technical problem on your end.
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rockleex  +   1977d ago
I'm sorry, but Fat Princess has singleplayer modes.

So if you're saying you can't play the game just because you can't connect to the servers, then too bad. You're missing out on some great offline modes.
air1  +   1977d ago
you get what you pay for.. oh wait....

c'mon ppl get with the program, you know the psn cant play anything with out its 1st patch..
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FlipMode  +   1977d ago
like gears 2 right?

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh snap!
air1  +   1977d ago
gears 2 full game millions on live day 1

fat princes arcade game 20,000 on psn day 1

snap!!! fat b!tch!! snap!


why do you sony fanatics get so mad about what i spend my hard earned 50 bucks a year on? i like live better and so do many others many more than psn. dah, but wha am i talking about since when did we live in a world were the majority doesnt matter.. psn has a rep for patches kinda like the rep the 360 has with rrod. live isnt perfect but damn not every single game needed a patch to at least play day 1..
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freitox  +   1977d ago
or like battlefield, right? that had no problems on the psn, but on the xbla, ooops.. 50bucks to good use I say! When will people understand that you pay 50bucks for nothing, it's p2p, microsoft doesn't provide servers, it's all up to the developers to do their job and castle crashers and gears didn't! so congrats!
ultimolu  +   1977d ago
-MD-  +   1977d ago

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NegativeCreep427  +   1977d ago
You would pass on anything that doesn't have that familiar taste of Microsoft Rectum.

BTW, does any given day in your life consist of other things besides trolling the hell out of n4g everyday, all day?
#13.1 (Edited 1977d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
lloyd_wonder  +   1977d ago
I bet you said that about Gears 2?
kydrice  +   1977d ago
thats what your mom said when she had you but the government made her keep you anyway.

*EDIT*Oh sorry i fixed it for you, please forgive me. I often forget that you xbots are slow and are unable to comprehend and complete obvious sentences with just one word missing. Go ____ yourself. It's gonna be fun watching you trying to figure that one out, enjoy!
#13.3 (Edited 1977d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
-MD-  +   1977d ago
"the government her keep you"

Makes sense.

I bought Gears 2 and I troll you guys for fun.
-MD-  +   1977d ago
Look at how mad you got over that lol.
kydrice  +   1977d ago
I'm not mad, you're just retarded but yea I see what I'm doing wrong, arguing with a tard as yourself gets me no where shame on me.
jmare  +   1977d ago
Wow, who would have thought that a game that is played online is going to have some day 1 hiccups? Good thing I read this article otherwise I would never have known. Now if only I could find my "Sky is Blur, Grass is Green, Water is Wet" article and I can has the common sense again.

Also, it doesn't seem like too many people are having a problem or a real site would have reported it.
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N4GAddict  +   1977d ago
Hope it works when i try it later
Chad Warden Returns   1977d ago | Spam
shutupandplay  +   1977d ago
The biggest hyped arcade game for ps3 having isuues? *gasp* oh well, psn is free.
ipwnall  +   1977d ago
Read the article dumbass
And another thing, servers on PSN are better than Live. Sony was smart enough to set up dedicated servers for exclusives, and Microsoft still uses P2P. Tell me when a game comes out for the Xbox exclusively that has 32+players and has awesome online. Your big hit of last year had problems with 10 people!
freitox  +   1977d ago
gears, castle crashers, battlefield, 50bucks is not that much: D!every year:)))
lloyd_wonder  +   1977d ago
This game is crack. $14.99 well spent.
Allowen  +   1977d ago
I am still downloading Fat Princess in slow motion ....after more then an hour and a half it is at 25pct only ....
Raf1k1  +   1977d ago
How large is the file?

I kind of expected there would be a lot of people playing online since it happened with Battlefield so will probably get it later on as I'm occupied with Valkyria Chronicles at the moment.
thedukeofkna  +   1977d ago
The file is around 350mb. Nothing too large.
wiggles  +   1977d ago
Yeah...the file download was very slow for me too...but it's worth it.
bunbun777  +   1977d ago
don't take my bubs
I live in NW WA and 2 times now I have attempted to log on to the multiplayer of FP with connection to host problems-- i'm going to keep trying and come back to comment--

i came to n4g to see if there were any other peeps making coments about this issue, and to see if it was widespread- im glad to hear that it isnt.

oh and so far single player is great gonna try glad mode if online takes a bit-
#20 (Edited 1977d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
bunbun777  +   1976d ago
all good
about an hour and a half later i got online.

it's fun-- still getting used to it-- got 3 trophies my first game
callahan09  +   1977d ago
Well I got the game about 2 hours ago. The first time I tried to play online I got a cannot connect to host message. The second attempt, it worked and I got through the full game. Connecting to my second game took about 5 attempts before I got into a match, and then I got disconnected from the match after about 10 minutes, but before the game ended. I then tried about 5 more times and failed to get into a match any of those attempts, so I gave up for the night and played the single player. This is pretty common with new releases. Hopefully within a week they'll have it all worked out.
swiftshot93  +   1977d ago
this happens with a lot of high profile PS online games. It only takes a couple of days until everything is working fine/patched up.

Oh and its not only restricted to first party like a lot of people think, same thing happened with cod4.
Bren86  +   1977d ago
the main issue is the price, rip off
wiggles  +   1977d ago
I wouldn't say the price is to steep...I mean it's got a lot of people playing online at once, I easily played for 3 hours and I didn't even notice the time until I stopped...it's only going to get better...so they fix the random drops that people are having, all of us gamers settle into our characters...then you will see how it really is worth the $15
chewmystink  +   1977d ago
At least it is another dedicated hosted game experience and not a peer to peer :)
And as mentioned most issues are cleaned up pretty quickly these days.
I have a thought for PSN downloaded games were it is expected to be popular, have something that keeps track of purchases through PSN for that game and adds servers based on total.

Scalability people c'mon!!!

You know just like Black Friday sales crippling Amazon every christmas, they know it's going to happen but yet they still let it happen.
gwcommander  +   1977d ago
Every freaking fanboy calm down, he had issues with the game it dont mean 360 sucks and ps3 rules it means that there is an issue with it. PS3 isnt perfect and neither is XBOX so calm down. Everyone wants to start a flamewar, grow up and enjoy your games, ps3, wii, 360, or sega saturn.
Chad Warden Returns   1977d ago | Spam
DanSolo  +   1977d ago
I was playing the game earlier and had no problems with it connecting at all, its just one of those things that some people will have connection problems when its just released.

From the sounds of it though its only a very minor amount having any problems.
Skynetone  +   1977d ago
No demo
not picking it up until i get a demo
Chad Warden Returns   1977d ago | Spam
CarbonFiber51  +   1977d ago
No issues on my side, except other people beating the crap out of me.
wiggles  +   1977d ago
Haha ditto....I'm liking the dark priest though as of now, he seems like he could be the back bone of an assault group.
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