Daisy Fuentes Does The Wii

Torrence Davis of The Bitbag writes, "Daisy is releasing a new Pilates game for the Wii. This will sell millions to the soccer moms because it's more serious than Wii Fit and definitely targets women. I would get it but I'm still too FAT to use my Wii Balance Board. At least I can watch this video hundreds of times. I love you Daisy!"

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RememberThe3573340d ago

An other hot girl picture... This is gonna be like 100 degrees. She is fine as hell though. Cot damn!

BrothaDave3340d ago

she still looks good after all these years

Sev3340d ago

I used to whack it to her when she was a MTV VJ

JOLLY13340d ago

I didn't realize I was going to that terrible site.

RememberThe3573340d ago

Those thing just grab you and pull you in. They're like a tractor beam of hottenss. lol

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cyclindk3340d ago

Doesn't everybody though, Wii = slut console.

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