Koku Gamer: Marvel vs Capcom 2 Review

Koku Gamer writes: "When I first heard that Marvel vs Capcom 2 was going to be re-released as an arcade title, I nearly fainted. It has been a while since I played what many consider the ultimate fighting game. Back when online console gaming was just an idea and about having your mates round to have a laugh. I have many fine memories playing Marvel vs Capcom 2. Maybe the best time I had playing this game was beating my friend with just one character – the one and only Gambit – to his three. So has the game kept its charm?"

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Reibooi3308d ago

Truly one of the best fighting games out there. While it may not be the most balanced game ever it surely is one of the funnest.

TheDarkCynic3308d ago

Never played it before. Wish I could get into it now, but BlazBlue owns my life at the moment, so I probably won't try it for a month or so still.

Reibooi3308d ago

I do have to say that is a good thing as Blazblue is in my opinion one of the best fighters ever made. I myself am still playing the game quite a bit.

I think while MvC2 isn't really that great in terms of game play or balance what makes it a great game is the fan service in the form of all the characters. But then again you need to be a fan of said characters to really care about that aspect.

Ziriux3308d ago

Yea for me it is just as difficult as any other street fighter title, I know many of you will hate me but I'm not a huge fan of the game because of it's difficulty, it's not too friendly to fighting genre noobs.

Salvadore3308d ago

I feel nostalgic, might perhaps buy this game.

Carnage12903308d ago

After getting into SF4 really hard, not sure I have it in me for another fighting game, althoug based on the huge fanbase I might have to give this a try.

Ziriux3308d ago

Yea games can get to you like that. I love Soul Calirbur IV, one of my favorite fighting games, I'm quite addicted to it myself.

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