Sony's New Motion Control Out Before Natal?

Sixth Axis: "Last month, Reghardware claimed Sony were planning to bring their own iteration of motion controls to the PlayStation 3 in Spring 2010. So with Microsoft hinting that they'll be ready two seasons later, could Sony be able to step their foot in the door first and grab the sales before Microsoft?

A lot of advertising will be needed to make it sell, and it seems that Microsoft has already thrown a lot of money at the production of family-friendly television advertisements, looking at this year's E3. Advertising being something that Sony haven't really gotten to grips with this generation, we're going to need to see some hefty ads arriving to tell the family viewer that they can get an advanced interactive experience on the PS3 if we want to see the product sell to the right target audience."

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xztence3279d ago

that would give Sony a headstart in the motion gaming category over microsoft, although they already will have it through eyepet.
but if they have launch games ready it will be an advantage.

crazy250003278d ago

thats what made me mad about the ps eye, i bought it on launch but nothing to play with really....just as mic on games

Rampant3278d ago

Apple will be out before pear.

hulk_bash19873278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

with the Wii this past 2 months, because I've had to baby sit my 8 yr old niece. Much to my surprise I'm actually enjoying it, and am looking forward to both Sony and Microsoft's entries into motion controlled gaming. I can't wait to see what both have in store for their respective platforms.

Thugbot1873278d ago

Yes, this would totally be a smart move. However they only want to lunch before Microsoft if and only if they are going to have a good line up of games and marketing to go along with it. They want to pull as much hype as they can around the launch of there controller and just show all the things you can do with it.

Keep in mind Microsoft's is ready to go other than the fact they don't have the games that they want to bring out with Project Natal. In addtion I believe they don't want to rush an update of XBL which I think will need to happen in part before the release of Natal. However if Sony can pull this off they will see a big sale increase.

morganfell3277d ago

Sony announced at E3 they would be launching in the spring. Why is this a surprise or news? Wait? There were people so fooled by smoke and mirrors from the competition they were not paying proper attention.

morganfell3277d ago

No Thugbot, Microsoft's controller is not ready to go. Some aspects currently work but a great deal of the E3 show was video for a reason.

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yoghurt3279d ago

Sony already have motion control with eye toy, it just didn't take off at the time and didn't have much support.

The example natal used with the guy hitting the balls, that was done years ago with various games such as kung fu etc etc....

Its just advertising, if sony can get some good games to launch with it and then do some good marketing they can grab a good share

Kamikaze1353279d ago

Natal comes out Holiday season 2010 and Sony's controller comes out Spring 2010

San Frandisco3279d ago

ill grab this depending on wut games come preped for the SMC.

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