DGS-Online: Final Fantasy Versus XIII Preview

DGS-Online writes: "E3 this year showed it was about an excellent stage for the beauty and splendor of the upcoming games to show. Square-Enix was of course also there and was beautiful to see trailers of Final Fantasy XIII and the newly announced MMORPG, Final Fantasy XIV. Against expectations, there was the furthest distance no any footage for the PlayStation 3 exclusive, Versus XIII, to be seen, although the potency of the game certainly does not for other titles from the series. Indeed, the game would be a milestone in the world of games can be."

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biggsftw3340d ago

From the 5 min video I seen, I was left with a great sense of holy **** and I love how the look is very modern but yet... fantasy! The story sounds even better. Modern day versus the old fantasy ways, I think it will be something different, way different which is always welcome to me. I heard a rumor that this game may even play like Kingdom Hearts, but I don't know how much truth to that there is. If it does, wow that would be great too! Either way, I'll take it. Just seems to me like even though PS3 has had some great titles already, there are so many more to come!