Outgoing Sony exec Kutaragi already planning PS4

Playstation inventor Ken Kutaragi, who will retire as chairman and group CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. on June 19, is already thinking ahead to Playstation 4 and beyond.

In an exclusive interview with EE Times, Kutaragi said: "As a matter of course, I have the vision of Playstation 4, 5 and 6, which will merge into the network."

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XxZxX4245d ago

That's his job for now. Technological Advisor.


QuackPot4245d ago (Edited 4245d ago )

Did he push the inclusion of the Blu-ray or the developer-unfriendliness of the Cell processor design? Why didn't they go for 1G ram instead of 512? If he allowed Linux to be installed why not just preload their own sleek, fast, optimized version(Sony Linux OS) instead of leaving it to buyers to do?

Alot of mistakes were made with the Ps3, the biggest being the inclusion of Blu-ray. The CD was the standard media format when PS was released; the DVD was the dominant format for Ps2. But the HD format standard has not been determined yet so BD should not have been included. It should have been an optional upgrade.

Ps3 should have been released in Nov 2005 with a standard DVD RW media device, 1G Ram, Sony Linux preinstalled. Even without Rumble enabled and so-so games, this would have pawned xbox 360. It's a PC Console - media center, gaming, internet, productivity. And it would have sold for $350. The xbox 360 would have never got a years headstart and the opportunity to build a large impressive library of games and net service.

The same mistakes won't be made with Ps4 but I hope Ken doesnt have too much say. He did a great job with ps & ps2 but he is now well past his use-by date.

Because of his mistakes, Ps3 has a lot of catch up to do....but Sony will eventually be victorious.

GunPants4245d ago

5D. here we come!!
that guys crazy!

Marriot VP4245d ago

it only makes sense to go to 5D, when the PS3 has already achieved 4D

tehcellownu4245d ago

go to give it up to krazy ken..haha..

snoop_dizzle4245d ago (Edited 4245d ago )

why isn't there an outcry for another sony console.

Boy when there was rumors of another xbox(and i mean after the elite) people were screaming bloody murder. Now granted people were worried about the price, but id take that news like you take this news.

The rumored Xbox was probably was their next gen console.

Either way, from a recent story(i think its actually on this site or some other), internet connection are going to get super fast, meaning that digital distribution could be the future for the PS4 and Xbox"720".

Though i kinda wish they still used a actual physical format.

But just look at the music industry. Even though i still like to physically have something.

what are your thoughts?

Do you think digital distribution will take over for better or worse?

Kyur4ThePain4245d ago (Edited 4245d ago )

at quality levels I want to see is probably a long way off still.
I do NOT want to download or stream something that is only DVD quality...I've been spoiled by HD.
The speeds that were reportedly attained will not be available to you and I for a long, long time.

Bathyj4245d ago (Edited 4245d ago )

Maybe PS4 is pretty much built, at least in theroy.

200GB BR, the latest GPU and 3 cell chips. All the hard works been done already.

PS3 Owns All4245d ago

Indeed, 3 Cell chips which will be 21 PROCESSORS all in 1 box, 3 which will be deactivated!! Those 3, will be, activated through, firmware updates in the future! PLAYSTATION 4!

bootsielon4245d ago

It will have a next-gen cell, i.e. a 32 core, 32 nanometer process cell, running at higher cycles. Not only will it have the latest GPU, but it'll also have a PPU and an AIPU. 200 GB BR-D and 8 Gigs of unified RAM. Its online service won't be lagging behind Xbox LIVE as it was in the beginning of our current era, since they will have cought up.

Nearly every PS1 and PS2 titles will be available for download. PS3 will be sold for 150 dollars by then, and PS4 will be sold for 399 or even less.

The controller will be a new variation of the Dualshock/Sixaxis. You can split it in two wireless parts, just like the Wiimote, but it'll still be able to become a one piece controller to play classic games. Imagine Fight Night Round 5 with that kind of controller.

Resolutions will reach [email protected]

lilgringo4244d ago

So you believe we've evolved so much when PS4 releases that our eyes will be able to tell the difference between 60fps and 120fps, and that everyone own a 100" hdtv screen so we need a 2160p resolution?? You're breaking my balls man! You're breaking my balls!

And just a notice to all the morons out there: FPS is NOT equal to GRAPHICS

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