Ubisoft Montreal Working on "Undisclosed" PS3, Wii Exclusives?

Split-Screen: "Ubisoft Montreal still isn't budging from their single home console release stance for Splinter Cell Conviction. Despite recent opinions and rumours, they have reaffirmed their dedication to releasing the title only on the Xbox 360 console (along with a PC release), and not the Nintendo Wii nor Sony Playstation 3. Which makes Ubisoft Montreal development of certain 'undisclosed' PS3 and Wii titles ever more interesting."

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Fishy Fingers3220d ago

I hope so. One of the first "next gen" games I saw and I thought it looked amazing, in fact my buddy and I were talking about this game just a few weeks ago.

xztence3220d ago

that looks to be a multiplatform game

Galvanise3220d ago

the Wii already uses motion control, and the PS3 will be very shortly, I think it is the same game, made for both consoles. One version will be technically superior, and the other will be less technically impressive. The Playstation Wands and Wiimotes share some similarities, far more than each of them do with Natal, so there will be some similar games for them.

hbw knuckles3217d ago

1. Undisclosed game = Canceled OR In Development OR Unannounced; it could be anything.

2. Gameloft Montreal is not Ubisoft Montreal, just like Insomniac Games is not Naughty Dog.

3. I'm Christian Philippe Guay and that article doesn't make sense.