Kotaku: EyePet Impressions

Kotaku writes: "And for everyone making comparisons to the Xbox 360's Milo, they don't appear to be that similar. Milo , which I've also used, involves head-tracking and a virtual boy's reading of face and voice cues. I'm told that EyePet will support some use of the PlayStation Eye's microphone, but it doesn't sound like it will be a central feature".

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ravinash3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

Its kind of silly comparing childs toy with a tech demo.
I'm sure with the right programming a lot of what milo can do can be done with the playstation eye. MS have just taken it a step further.
But the fact is the Eyepet is a working program that will be in customer hands very soon.
If Milo was accessible to the general public, how long will it take for the holes in the programing and AI to show.

Besides, when you read the story, the milo part is just a foot note, so why is it getting so much attention drawn here?

thereapersson3273d ago

That whole pre-scripted debacle was proven fake. Leave it to Kotaku to try to compare the two, even though Eyepet is in near-complete form and Milo is a pre-scripted hoax.