NBA Live 10: Bringing Back the Culture of Hoops

The Herp of Spawn Kill Writes:

"Ever since the transition into the current generation of consoles, the NBA Live series has been the younger, less successful, brother in the basketball game family. Every year before the season starts they have to go back home and sit there while everyone keeps telling NBA 2K how great and successful they are. This year EA Sports is hoping to show up their "older brother" by making their game more authentic than ever and by hiring Mike Wang, formally of 2K Sports, to be their lead gameplay designer. With someone from 2K Sports spearheading the design you can expect a lot of gameplay improvements. So far EA has not released too much information in terms of what is new to NBA Live 10 but they have released some gameplay footage as well as a recent blog post discussing about the authenticity of the new title."

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Gamer_Politics3304d ago

EA wont let us down this year..Live 2010 will be the truth