GCHD Reviews Trials HD

GCHD Writes: "Though it uses just a few simple gameplay mechanics, Trials HD is as exciting, challenging, satisfying, and rewarding as you could ever dream. In fact, this is hands down the best Xbox Live Arcade title to date, and the only real community-based counter Microsoft has against Sony's LittleBigPlanet.

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chasegamez23274d ago

$$$$$$$$$ they nothing there
no games on the 360 haha
i download 360 for free

user39158003273d ago

Dont worry fantard owner you get another aaa title in about 7 years, wait you people never had a AAA title on the BBQ Grill. Sorry, I just forgot how sorry the PS3 is.

DMason3273d ago

And that's exactly the reason you have 1 bubble.

I hope to god you're mentally challenged and in some sort of facility. Because if a person like you is loose on the streets, then god help us all.

green3273d ago

This years Summer of Arcade is obviously going to be better than last year.Downloaded Splosion man yesterday and it is crazy fun and addictive.Trials HD is shaping up to be another awesome addition but i think Shadow Complex will top the lot.

OnlyOnN4G3273d ago

And all the N64 remakes

NedBraden3273d ago

I cant wait for this game. Not too sure about Shadow Complex...but really there's no reason to doubt it. Should be awesome!

GiantEnemyCrab3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

Considering unlike the other services XBL gives you a demo for every single game there really is no excuse to at least try it before you buy it.

badkolo3273d ago

i want trials hd so bad

Targo3273d ago

I cant believe this game isn't getting more attention. I would kill to have this on my PS3? Any of you Xbox owners who are "in the know", know if this will ever come to the PS3?

Giant_Enemy_Sackboy3273d ago

If u own a ps3 why are u so desperate to play a downloadable when u can play real AAAfull new retail games,huh why are u poor and can only afford crappy games or ur just an only xbox owner .Dont try to be pertinaciously stupid when Trails is a good game that does everything ok .

socomnick3273d ago

The dev isnt owned by microsoft, so there is some chance that it could come to the ps3.

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The story is too old to be commented.