Wii outsells XBOX360 33-to-1 at Japan retail

It's not looking super for the PlayStation 3 in Japan. Sales of the console have fallen to an all time low, with barely 12k systems purchased. The drought of software int June will likely worsen the number over time, as it looks like it well dip below 10k soon enough. The Nintendo DS sold another 133.5k systems, and the Wii performed brilliantly with 76k sold. Likewise, the PSP also slipped down to 25k units.

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BubblesDAVERAGE4249d ago

U neva see xbox vs wiii sales its too much fud trying to kill ps3 . Im glad to see its being done all ways.(yet wheres the xbox sales)

TriggerHappy4248d ago

Is good that someone finally tried a comparison on the other side.

TheMART4249d ago

Japan has always been a strange country. When MSX-2(+) was dead everywhere, they were still playing and even selling it in Japan.

XBOX is American and probably therefore undone to buy in Japan. Plus, it has more western games, Japanese like more strange manga stuff and underaged girls being f*cked by monsters with big d!cks.

The most important thing is: it's the backyard of the Playstation. And it's slaughtered by the Wii there.

Most important thing for the 360 is:

USA, last two months the 360 sold between 200k and 240k while the PS3 only sold 130k. Now that's a difference of 70 to 110k there.

Much more important then Japan, where the PS3 sold what, 16k some weeks ago and now 10k or so? And the 360 sold somewhere @ 3k. Thus, only 7k a week more sales, that's about max. 30k more for PS3 in Japan a month, while they're getting slaughtered in USA by 70k to 100k a month.

Too bad Sony droids, the advance of the 360 only gets bigger, when we see the same downfall after the fanboys bought that overpriced BluRayplayer in Europe also.

schnodder4248d ago

now i have to buy a Wii and sell my ps3 cause the Wii sold more in japan. life's hard.

no one gives a figgedy about this. not everbody is surfin the web to read news about sony. playstation is an established brand and people are like: gameconsole = playstation. let the games roll and soon japan will buy it.

who cares? i'm having more fun with my ps3 than i had with my 360 - period.

TriggerHappy4248d ago

japan = 90% Sony & Nintendo Land, 10% other

Europe= 75%(would have been more if not for the delays of the ps3) Sony Land. 15% others.

North America = No data available.

FadeToBlack4248d ago

You must have just stepped out of a smoke shop in Amsterdam.

Robotz Rule4249d ago (Edited 4249d ago )

The only reason the Xbox 360 doesn't sell in Japan is because it's "American"

The only reason Playstation 3 sales are barely holding on is because it's "Japanese"

Same with the Nintendo Wii,and it's fun and cheap!

xfrgtr4249d ago (Edited 4249d ago )

IPOD IS SELLING VERY WELL IN JAPAN AND IT'S AMERICAN,XBOX DOESN'T SELL in Japan BECAUSE IT SUCKS,The last two month the 360 sales was in decline in the US -30000(230000 in february to 200000 in march),the ps3 +2000.Xbox 360 division revenue slumps 21 percent,WOW!!!!!!
Wii outsells XBOX360 33-to-1 at Japan retail Lol!!!!!

JasonPC360PS3Wii4248d ago

Some of you people are ether from another country or to young to know the trade disputes between America and Japan the biggest being the sale of American made cars in Japan during the Clinton administration. Japan has always looked down on American products and in the past have done there best to keep them out of there country.

XxZxX4249d ago

LMAO, same news with different twist... FUNNY stuff

Bathyj4249d ago

If we have to read 7:1 vs PS3 or whatever every single week so clowns can predict Sonys doom, then why shouldn't this story be approved?

FeralPhoenix4248d ago (Edited 4248d ago )

My bad.

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