Wal-Mart HD DVD: To Be or Not To Be

That is the question. Wal-Mart is officially saying they didn't pick sides, but their spokesman did also say they expected consumers to pick a winner in the coming months. Currently they sell the $350 Toshiba HD-D1 HD DVD and the $900 Philips BDP900/37 Blu-Ray player.

But this was a leak and it never was Wal-Mart's intent to announce to their competitors that they expected to do to the DVD market what they had done to the TV market over the last several quarters. They want to own this market much like they currently own 40% of the regular DVD space.

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ITR4253d ago

"This shouldn’t have been a surprise as there is no evidence that Blu-Ray licenses are even being offered in China and we knew that HD DVD has been in play there since 2005."

Well that pretty much kills any hope for Blu-Ray in China.

It's probably due to piracy.

dknight4253d ago

No offical license no deal

kmis874253d ago

The Chinese government is mandating a switch to evd in the home video market for that country. Not Bluray, and not HDDVD.

On a Walmart related note, Funai, the supplier of Walmart's televisions and DVD players that sell at the most reduced pricepoints, has already announced BluRay support by the end of the year.

QuackPot4253d ago (Edited 4253d ago )

* cheap HD DVD player(30 G storage) = $250

* Ps3 with Blu-ray(50 G storrage) = $600

* next-gen console Xbox 360 = $350

====> so with a Ps3 you get next-gen game console for $350 ($600 - $250) + a cheap Blu-ray player for $250. All in a single unit.

You're kidding yourself if you think HD DVD will beat Blu-ray. Size does matter with HD Games or TV - the more data you can store the better. HD DVD will lose the format war unless consumers are absolute idiots. Do you want 50 G storage or 30 G? A no brainer here folks.

If you are backing HD DVD then you're wasting your money.

So STFU about the price of Ps3. This is a bargain. And will be more so when the price drops - which it always does.

So no more articles on cheap HD DVD sales at WalMart, K-Mart or any other Mart. If you do the maths, it always comes to the same solution/conclusion. Blu-ray will be the HD format especially once ps3 sales take off in 2008 with the release of Little Big Planet...

eLiNeS4253d ago

HD Movies don't need that much space, so Blu-Ray is not needed. Next Gen gaming is here and there is plenty of room on a DVD for the best possible graphics, so another reason why Blu-Ray is not needed. Plus everything about BR cost more giving HD-DVD the win. Sorry!!!

ArmrdChaos4252d ago

If someone ONLY/MOSTLY cares about playing games they don't want to pay $600 for a GAME system.

If someone ONLY/MOSTLY cares about watching high definition movies they would gladly rather pay < $400 for a player.

The ONLY case where the PS3 would be a good deal is in the case where you equally like to play games AND watch high definition movies which globally would be considered a minority group. The greatest numbers fall into the pure game player or pure movie fan categories. Then again there is also another smaller group that prefers to keep their experiences separate and buy dedicated machines for both.

XxZxX4253d ago

It is not "To Be or not To Be".
It is "Don't Be or Wouldn't Be".

Lumbo4253d ago (Edited 4253d ago )

Another day, and another Bob Enderle "HD-DVD has won/ will win/ might win / will probably win / would be better to win cause i say so" blog entry masked as "news" after he made an idiot out of himself with his last "analysis" on why HD-DVD has won - now /- maybe not now but surely tomorrow/- 100% at some time in the future. Heavy backpedaling + entrenching going on at his page in the style of "ok, i said is was a fact, now it was proven wrong and i need to come up with a way to still say it is a fact to avoid looking stupid"

Come back next week when some likewise pointless blogger posts his ravings on why BluRay "won / will win / might win / won cause i said so" on this channel ....

Starting to get repetitive, i hope it will stop till Xmas so we can get a more complete picture on the market shares by then. But if BluRay keeps on selling at a rate of 4:1 compared with HD-DVD it will only get harder for Toshiba to stay in the market. On the other hand it would be nice if we only had one format by then, to avoid any further confusion.

EZCheez4253d ago

I have never understood/misunderstood any paragraph better/worse in my life.

Nail on the head, guy.

Shaka2K64253d ago

If you have to pick sides go the winner and its Blu-ray.
h-dvd is dead.

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