iCasual: Evil Bits- Swords & Soldiers

GrE says, "For those of you who don't know, we've been doing an iCasual podcast on our sister site The Portable for some time now. We decided to go ahead and mix things up with a Games Are Evil iCasual: EvilBits. It's a short audio game review for games in the Wii, Xbox, Playstation and even PC. We'll try and get this out every Thursday so we hope you enjoy. With that, here's our first iCasual: Evil Bits game, Swords and Soldiers."

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Neco5123273d ago

Great 'cast! I like the short and sweet reviews that TPG does coming to GrE

bgrundman3273d ago

This is the perfect way to consume a review.

CrAppleton3273d ago

No kidding.. I love these reviews.. the let me know exactly what I want to know about a game in a few short minutes

wondroushippo3273d ago

I love The Portable Gamer's iCasuals, I'm excited for what GrE's gonna bring.

CrAppleton3273d ago

Anyone who has been missing out on the iCasuals is TOTALLY missing some of the best reviews out there.. these should help shed some light on them over at GrE

CrAppleton3273d ago

Usually can't go wrong with Vikings

bgrundman3273d ago

Is this think like a hack'n'slash?

supercharger51503273d ago

what does that mean? It's a tower defense/capture the flag only played horizontally, not top view.
I loved it!