Opinion: Expect Nintendo Wii HD next year

From "Two things have thus far hindered the release of an HD Wii: massive demand for current hardware and high cost of 'next-gen' components.

"While Sony and Microsoft are willing to make a loss on hardware early on in order to establish userbase and make money back on software, Nintendo isn't. As Reggie himself pointed out back when the Wii launched, Nintendo must make a profit from day one. This cost-conscious approach has seen Nintendo frequently delaying console launches and upgrading hardware over time in order to remain competitive. The Game Boy went through several incarnations and the DS is on its third spec. The Wii MotionPlus is the latest example of Nintendo refining tech in a way where all existing customers are encouraged to spend money on something they pretty much already own. The next phase will be to deck the Wii out with better tech and HD capability."

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truehunter3273d ago

Wii HD tp upscale WII SD games... now thats whats needed but why now with all the Wii sold. Any games build with Wii HD will be bad for owener of the Wii SD.

N4g_null3273d ago

Very true but mosty of the gamers that want this do not care about what such choice will cause. Case and point the blu ray thing with the PS3. Sure HD every thing is great but the price is not right.

I mean really it would be nice if consoles scaled their graphics depending on the graphic card you have in it yet wait that would be too much like PC gaming right?

Another thing is you could use the same idea to scale back HD games back on to the Wii. Yet you may have to have two engines on the disk, cart, memory stick or what ever they choose to deliver games on.

More effects would be nice but there is a cost that comes with it right now.